Running Mobian with Debian Trixie 13.0 on Librem 5 and yet have to find anything wrong that would want me to switch back to Debian 11 based Byzantium PureOS. On the surface it appears identical with a few more options and slightly different default settings. Kinda diapppointed Mobian doesnt install openvpn plugin as default for the image. Instead only wireguard is default, i mean comeon 8)

I mean i sortof disagree. A square cat would move in a square box in a determinant fashion along two axis. So mathematically it would be easier to predict the cats location, speed

unfortunately cannot join pixelfed when using Gnome Browser on vpn with cloudflare capture. It fails proving a secure connection as in it does not work :-/

I did the catcha like 8 times, please find alternate method to cloudflare which does aggressive ip blocking.

Apparently Not Human - so depressing

Testing Epiphany alpha flatpak on the L5 a little crashy but testing this ad blocker extension showed its very thorough!

I thought it would be fun to have 6GB memory on my librem L5 phone using zram and filling it up:

python3 -c 'a="a"*1386**3; input()'

while having 10 or so apps open and using them all. Seemed to work fine.

Bluetooth streaming on PureOS recorded with L5 and originally saved as flac file but here copied as MP3.

*thanks to Soma FM for the music
*thanks Purism for making the L5 happen

Since Purism Librem One service seems to have a Indonesian iOS VPN support and functionality for 12Months I'll have to calmcel my support and service and switch over to TOR VPN.

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