@48kRAM the internet has become a mess, especially with the cloud or CDN providers pushing their security, its mostly to block DOS attacks but most users aren't bots so who are they serving?

@pavot hey sam is there a setting to get the firefox nav bar and tabs to show up at the bottom instead of the top?

@mntmn an awesome sight! Where are you showing the thick paper manuals though that come with it?

Tested Volla Phone with Volla OS Android 11:
not so good
1. springboard has potential but does not accept launch commands (e.g. typing Settings wont open settings)
2. apps cant easily be accessed and are hidden by +# apps button
3. Manually added APN settings are overwritten automatically
4. open vpn file import not supported
5. navigation in springboard is confusing
6. android has too many settings
7. springboard no way to delete bookmarks
8. springboard no right swipe usage

Tested Volla Phone with Volla OS Android 11 Part 2:
things that work well
1. backup and using SDcard to store backup and app info
2. smooth naviagation and easy setup
3. general settings that are privacy forward such as using Duckduckgo as default search
4. Wifi mac address default randomization
5. using Aurora store with anonymous login to access google apps
6. Having fdroid preinstalled
7. general camera, system, browser performance and battery runtime is great

@carlrichell agreed there is something inherent in having accounts requiring login and violating privacy by default of having logins

@ebassi i have been iusing the Amberol Flatpak installed recently and i am impressed how far the player has progressed in such a short time and it is stable and excellent to use!

@mullvadnet encryption once was only used by the military those brave developers of the pretty good privacy encryption were smart picking that name - you want to make mass surveillance difficult, not impossible- otherwise there is government backlash

ot / chatgpt 

ChatGPT is not behaving pathologically when it claims that the population of Mars is 2.5 billion people—it's behaving exactly as it was designed to, making up linguistically plausible responses to dialogue, in the absence of any underlying knowledge model, and guessing when its training set offers nothing more specific.

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My #Librem5 had been delivered with a Redpine RS9116 M.2 Key E card for #Bluetooth and #Wifi.

I already owned two devices I wanted to use with my Librem5:

a bluetooth mouse to be used alongside with my nexdock360
a high quality noise canceling bluetooth headset I use for phone calls and sometimes to listen to music

Both didn't work well: the mouse wouldn't connect (Bluetooth LE only) and the headset connection was unreliable with a lot of stutter.

In newer Librem5s the SparkLAN WNFB-266AXI card is used for Bluetooth/Wifi. I exchanged the card to find out whether this would improve the situation and it did.

Both devices connect now, most of the stutter while listening to music is gone, the headset works for calls (but unusable due to bad quality) and my mouse connects and works fine.

@purism@librem.one wrote a blog post about the new card and made it available on their shop.

P.D. If ever a small golden pin falls out of your Librem5 after you opened it read this forum post.

@mailbox_org @protonmail i think the primary problem is if you fail to pay the subscription on your account you will loose access to your emails, so who owns the data in that situation, i am not sure another service solves this problem? protonmail customer support to their credit is fantastic, proton vpn never was very reliable and can't be used with openvpn, i think, so not cross platform, never used the bridge plus you have to pay $$

So I've been building a 100% analog polyphonic synthesizer with an unique twist. To use only vacuum tube era technology from the 1930s.

Over 300 neon gas diodes create the sound you hear. Pretty awesome for technology from 100 years ago.

Still a work-in-progress, but I wanted to post a video of it with the innards spread out across the workbench. : }

I call it the "Neon String Machine"

#synthesizers #music #electronics #audio #synthwave

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