@digdeeper sounds a bit like monopolistic anti competitive behaviour to me, as if data left in the hands of google amd on google servers would be any safer than anywhere else

@dos @linmob perfect, though i would like to add to your misbehaving apps, to include apps that are reasonably likely never going to be updated again.

@linmob any reasons it actually scales properly in app caroussel but not on the full app screen

@purism also any possibility to scrap the development alltogether and just integrate a USB attached camera in the next phone?

@purism you havent by any chance emailed the AXIOM developers to see if they could share their processing stack with you?


@mobian its too bad the website requires to create a paypal account even when selecting credit card, i am sure there should be a setting to allow guest/ visitor account setup- even with paypal so you dont have to create create an account if that makes sense.

@volla ubuntu touch on volla has a lot to be desired, VPN doesnt work- as in doeesmt support loading open vpn profiles, vpn password and sometimes the wifi password isnt saved after restart, its been a while since i bought the phone, its 100% unusable because of these simple facts, also when i tried to reflash device the installer failed to work properly on macos.

How do i install touch .click packages on a debian based mobile operating system e.g.

Also given the limited app market on linux platforms, is there a way to develop an compiled for the right architecture to run on any OS (html i suppose would do that). Are there efforts to make all KDE, Sailfish, Gnome, Ubuntu touch, Mobiam, etc based apps compatible to run on each others platforms (e.g. Freetube ....)
(i firmly think they should)

@kyle nice work could this be used to unlock the gnome keychain as well? so every time you need to enter a password its just the pin..

@FreeTube freetube ui resolution seems a bit low and fuzzy on my mobile screen 720x1440 0.17.0-1pureos1, L5 phone, even at 720p videos i stream look sharper than the UI

observe Subscriptions font

@bilelmoussaoui nice! also if its not already on the agenda any possibility to include a locking mechanism for the authenticator app itself, so in presence of a pin, or a physical unlock key (yubikey) it unlocks.

Thought is to add a weak extra security layer ontop. Doesnt have to be strong just a roadbump for any would be thief to have to have physical access to device.

@AsteroidOS please support the Matrix Watch and Matrix Watch II

@gael censorship is not great legal or illegal content should be shown, i think a better way is to label content as such

What do we want from our technology?

⭐ We want the right to change providers.
🔒 We want the right to protect personal data.
💡We want the right to verify.
👁️ We want the right to not be tracked.
🚀 We want the right to access.


Feeds lets you stay up to date with everything that you care about. Just add an RSS feed into the application and see whenever anyone you follow updates their feed. For example, you can add my profile's URL into the program and see new posts from me alongside those of any blogs or video creators you are receiving updates from

You can get the app on Flathub here: flathub.org/apps/details/org.g

You can follow the app's creator here: @gabmus

#gaotw #gnome #app #flatpak

@dallin Ubuntu is unstable at least when running it on a MacBook Pro which i do. Tracker sucked up all available resources shortlyg after install bringing the entire OS down like a virus. It took me 6 re-installs and workarounds just to configure Ubuntu to not crash 8), but maybe thats better than most Limux distributions.

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