@planetmozilla I wish Mozilla would start treating Linux phones as first class citizen, Even with just community built fixes Firefox is great on a Linux phone and the primary app platform as there aren't many native apps for 3rd party services.

Mozilla should look at need and start catering to the Linux phone community as displacing the duoploy in mobile ecosystem is in everyone's best interest.

#linuxphone #postmarketos

@kop316 the artifact file link does not have a .deb file in it, just wondering if it needs to be built from source?

@dansup how about allow users with no user accounts to view images and posts marked public, just like Twitter and Facebook once were open communities and you could search and find users and user images and posts simply by using a google seach, allow webcrawlers inside in other words. I stopped using Facebook once they closed the door. Twitter is only slightly better still.

@joao did you compile it on your laptop? i have an intel computer so the arm64 chatty deb install wont work.

@Linux its ok - UBT still doesnt support adding open vpn automatic configuration using a config file. thats not secure or at least not very convenient. Also it tends to not save your wifi and/or vpn passwords when configured after reboot (when not setting a system password). The UB ports installer i tried twice never worked, on MacOS and Ubuntu. The speed and UI are amazing but the core functionality as indicated above or allowing you to use regular Debian type apps is severly limited in UBT.

unfortunately cannot join pixelfed when using Gnome Browser on vpn with cloudflare capture. It fails proving a secure connection as in it does not work :-/

I did the catcha like 8 times, please find alternate method to cloudflare which does aggressive ip blocking.

Apparently Not Human - so depressing

Testing Epiphany alpha flatpak on the L5 a little crashy but testing this ad blocker extension showed its very thorough!

I thought it would be fun to have 6GB memory on my librem L5 phone using zram and filling it up:

python3 -c 'a="a"*1386**3; input()'

while having 10 or so apps open and using them all. Seemed to work fine.

@kop316 and it seems to work with AT&T USA prepaid based n my testing

38 is looking at providing image For mobile devices.

The Phosh (Phone Shell) has been started by Purism.

We're happy to see broader adoption of the on 🚀


Hi, this is Greta. You are welcome to follow me here, if you prefer planet earth to planet mars.

By way of #introduction, I’m Carl, Founder and CEO of System76. I spend most of my time working to create open source hardware and software with an awesome team of incredibly talented people.

As participants in the open source ecosystem, we uphold that what we build should be useful to not only the consumers of our work but also those that want to build upon it, thus expressing the spirit and potential of FOSS through our work.

😍Hi everyone!😍
⚙️I'm an open source #rstats user migrating here as part of the #TwitterMigration! I never liked Twitter so I'm glad to be here with the rest of you!
⚙️I'm into #datascience & #publichealth - hope to get those two hashtags trending.
⚙️Please follow me if you are into talking about those topics! I hope to meet with some great conversations on this platform!

This is ingenious. Two Commodore 64 computers + bellows made out of floppy disks = The Commodordion!


#retro #music #C64 #Commodore64 #tech

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