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Hey if you’re young, pace yourself or you’ll be spending your 30s+ never actually recovering from burnout completely.

Best case scenario you’ll take frequent breaks to try and top-up your energy but you’ll never actually get it back.

Maybe you think “I’m not going to live that long anyway” but you should try to live like you will keep living.

Or maybe you think “if I go at 500% now I’ll be able to afford the rest I need later.” but omfg no you won’t. You won’t make enough for that. You won’t.

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Look, I'm famous! Mentioned in this great talk by @dos (at 15:40 into that) where he mentions me and says " vital observation... " - I made a vital observation! 🎉 Proudly adding this to my list of things to brag about.

Much of my life may have been pointless but not all of it: let it be known that I did spend a significant amount of time with trial-and-error to find the exact time delay needed for the USB connection to the modem to break down. 😄

Some soldering iron practice and a bit of melted plastic later, I've got a side LED soldered - and it works!

...but only on second try, after making it face the wrong way and with some bodge wires applied. Well, you can't get *everything* right in the layout of your first prototype, can you? 😜

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I've read a lot online about how "Y2K was overblown". As an engineer who worked like crazy in 1999 to correct our systems this drives me crazy.

Today I read about games going offline, watches getting frozen and airline tickets showing the wrong date.

Because of a leap year. Which happens every FOUR years (give or take).

Yeah Y2K was a once every 1000 year issue.

Isn't 2038 going to be fun.

I kept unlocking the 📱 a lot to check a cars charging status. Using 's launcher-box lockscreen-plugin and the LauncherEntry DBus protocol we can simplify that and have the information easily accessible:

KDE releases today Plasma Mobile 6. Check out its renewed base system and apps.

This version comes with a new and improved shell, a new home screen with heaps of new features, enhancements of the base system, improvements in apps like Clock, Kasts and Photos, and much more.

#Plasma6 #PlasmaMobile

Just found out that it's possible to donate to Phosh here:

Donations there go to the developers @agx and @devrtz

If, like me, you appreciate that awesome project and rely on it everyday for your device, you know what to do! 😉


For those of you interested in our recent video offloading / zero-copy playback work: I quickly put together some #livi #flatpak s to make it easy to test stuff already. Compositor offloading should work on all semi-recent Intel/AMD and a variety of ARM64 devices.

If you trust the sandbox you can get them here:

I expect quite a few people hitting driver bugs, so please help tracking those down :)

#LinuxMobile #gtk #GStreamer #Wayland #GNOME

It should be 100% required by law that anytime a piece of media gets "tax deleted", the corporation is required to first upload a copy to the Internet Archive.

Are you forced by your #bank to use proprietary #apps? Have a look at background shared on the @fsfe 's discussion list by @floriansnow from a #FreeSoftware angle:

Florian's questions:

* What's your experience with your bank?
* How do you do your #banking?
* Is there an important angle that I missed?

Watch out, I'm a hardware designer now! My first board is here and it works!

Super happy with the "ambient light" effect:) There's one LED shining at the back into the hand, and another behind the screen, giving the impression of light passing through the PCB. Quite mesmerizing.

I still need to put side LEDs on (one for each of the touch pads), but those tiny SK6812-4020 turned out to be way beyond my amazing soldering skills 😅

🏛️ If it’s public money, make it public code!

✍️ 231 organisations and 36517 individuals already support this call for action by signing our open letter!

ℹ️ Learn more about this initiative:

#EUelections #PMPC #SoftwareFreedom

i think the EU should pass legislation that enforces standards based 2factor auth (like totp/hotp) for banks, health insurance etc. it is absolutely unacceptable that people are _forced_ to buy android/ios smartphones to use critical services

With some preparatory work to allow plugins to use objects from #phosh core and @arunmani 's nice work on custom quick settings already merged the often asked for caffeine toggle is within reach:

#gtk #gnome #LinuxMobile

nothing ruins my motivation to send fixes to your open source project more than to ask me to sign a CLA for it.

sorry guys I'm just not that interested in reviewing a legal contract just to improve your software for free

KiCad 8 has been tagged! That means that it is only a matter of hours before the latest/greatest version of KiCad is released to the world. We can't wait to share it with you

In preparation for the upcoming #phosh release we've tagged gmobile 0.0.6

This release adds a number of new devices contributed by @fakeshell

Something I started off annoyed by, then accustomed to, and now am exasperated when it doesn't work "correctly", is scroll bars

The #PinephonePro (and #LinuxMobile in general), however, gets you real scrollbars. You can drag a page up, down, or midway quickly and easily, and I've come to adore it

Borrowing an iOS device made me remember that's not the default though - with Safari, they're purely a visual indicator for how far down the page you are

Going back to that is much more frustrating than I would've expected, especially when trying to get to a midpoint on a long webpage, dealing with iOS' inertia, and seeing the useless scrollbar moving down so. Slowly.

if i wanted you to easily download the binaries i would have made the binaries easy to download

if you're creating issues where you are upset about not being able to download the binaries i might decide to put in more effort and make it easier, or i could decide to commit to not providing binaries because i don't want people like you benefiting from things i build

(i've only done that once, and the user in question turned out to be a rabid transphobe. A+ decision)

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