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🎙️ talked to @phosh main developer @agx:

* Getting involved with Phosh and Librem 5 as happy coincidence
* Going from N900 straight to Librem 5
* squeekboard vs. phosh-osk-stub
* Being puzzled by people using Phosh on the PinePhone
* Having a smile on the face when seeing random old phones & tablets with Phosh
* Automatic hardware testing at @purism
* How Phosh gets translated
* Upcoming @FrOSCon 2024
* Lockscreen widgets
* Cellbroadcast


#froscon #linuxmobile #phosh

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Mycket bra artikel om hur förutsättningarna till fungerande källkritik undergrävs.

DN Debatt. "Utan tillit betyder källkritik närmast ingenting"


Article about "AI" 

In Swedish, E-identification, FOSS 

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“Microsoft admits no guarantee of sovereignty for UK policing data”


To be fair, there’s quite a lot of NHS-related blood test data not in the UK at the moment too, thanks to the recent unscheduled offsite backup…

Podd-tips (in Swedish) 

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Breaking news: #chatcontrol stryks från agendan till dagens COREPER II (representerar för EUs regeringar) möte! Det betyder att Belgien som ordförandeland inte känner att de har tillräckligt stöd för sitt kompromissförslag. Motståndet har effekt och det ger oss lite mer tid.

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🇬🇧 Vote on #ChatControl postponed – a triumph in our fight to defend the digital privacy of correspondence and secure encryption. 💪 Thank you!
But the next attempt will come. The critical governments need to get their act together now:


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17 June 1942 | SS men shot 120 Polish prisoners at the Death Wall in #Auschwitz I. They were selected from those deported to the camp from Warsaw, Krakow, Tarnów, Radom, and Lublin.

One of them was a brickmaker from Marki Edward Rabczyński (np. 22869).

One of some 140,000 Poles incarcerated in Auschwitz.
Learn about the creation of the camp, reasons for the incarceration of Poles & their fate in the German Nazi camp from our online lesson "Poles at KL Auschwitz”: lekcja.auschwitz.org/en_2020_0

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📣Official statement: the new EU chat controls proposal for mass scanning is the same old surveillance with new branding.

Whether you call it a backdoor, a front door, or “upload moderation” it undermines encryption & creates significant vulnerabilities


This is to help folks understand why they should use -- Be like Jules!

It occurred to me that I nowadays think about Youtube videos in about the same way that Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction thinks about eating filthy animals.


Them: "Check out this youtube video!"

Me: "I don't watch youtube videos."

Them: "But this youtube video is good!"

Me: "Hey, that video may be sweet as pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I don't touch that filthy motherfucking website. Youtube is a Google site, so it's filthy. I don't visit filthy websites."

I prefer

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