@karlemilnikka Have a look at a list of the top 10 largest companies in the world. You will find Google, Apple, Microsoft all in the top 5. They control the operating systems of nearly all devices people use today. Their power is a serious threat.

Now imagine Google and Apple merging into a single company. (if not officially merging they could anyway do that informally) Would you still recommend their products?

They are becoming like "E Corp" in the Mr. Robot tv series. Not good. No!


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Google becoming a hardware+software company like Apple is certainly good for Google's business, but it's bad news for those of us who want to have some kind of freedom.

The "Google Pixel" devices are part of that, and it's not good. The size and power of those companies is really dangerous.


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Another thing that bothers me: how can you recommend Google Pixel phones?!?

The fact that Google has started expanding its influence to include hardware making is very dangerous.

They are moving towards having control of both the operating system and the hardware, like Apple.

Having separate hardware makers and software makers is good, because it leads to standards being used and it limits the power of any one individual company.


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Google and Facebook can do this kind of crap, and they can do much worse, without consequences. It is not surprising that they behave badly, it is to be expected. And we should expect even worse in the future, as their power increases even further.


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Regarding the fact that Facebook and Google are shamelessly publishing blatant malware ads and refusing to take them down, @karlemilnikka asks "how is this possible?" as if it was super surprising.

The reason that is possible, which is not mentioned in the podcast, is that those companies are so big that they do not need to care. There is effectively no competition, no "market forces" that would matter to them.


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Here goes a minor rant after listening to the last few episodes of the IT-security podcast by @karlemilnikka

Writing this in English even though the podcast is in Swedish, as the issues are really not specific to Sweden.


A question to @Mer__edith and @signalapp : when will Signal Desktop be available for aarch64 (arm64) CPUs so that it becomes straightforward to install on devices such as and ?

If that is not happening, then why, what is stopping you?

The (wrong and silly) assumption that everyone must use Google/Apple phones is expected from Big Tech these days but you are supposed to be among the good guys. Please help us be free from Google/Apple 🙂

Missa inte hackträffen imorgon lördag med Uppsala Linux User Group @ulug när @samuel från @konstellationen ska berätta om bland annat "plattformar, verktyg och sociala rum på nätet där det är användarna som har makten och inte företagen"!


Har vi tur kanske @jonarvid dyker upp också 🙂

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Very cool idea with a printing station to upcycle old clothes rather than building on to the pile of conference swag at the #wikimediasummit
#sustainability #wikimedia

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So... there's a free software conference (#FOSSY [1]) in #pdx (Portland, OR) this year, and I was thinking of applying to have a table there where folks could bring (supported) devices they want to flash with #postmarketOS, or just to hang out and chat about pmOS or #linuxmobile.

Does this sound like a good idea?

1. sfconservancy.org/fossy/

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There is evidence that peer reviewers are using bullshit generators (chatbots) to generate evaluations of submitted papers. Since those programs don't really understand the articles that are being reviewed, or the subject that those are about, this is asking for error. Please don't call those programs "AI"!

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LibreOffice supports digital signatures via GnuPG for OpenDocument Format (ODF) files.

Digital Signature: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_
GnuPG: mastodon.online/@blueghost/111
ODF: mastodon.online/@blueghost/111

Select: File > Digital Signatures > Digital Signatures > Sign Document > Select Certificate > Sign > Enter Password > OK > Close

A banner will appear stating the document is digitally signed.

Website: libreoffice.org
Mastodon: @libreoffice

#LibreOffice #DigitalSignature #GnuPG #GPG #InfoSec #ODF

In Swedish, E-identification, FOSS 

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In Swedish, E-identification, FOSS 

In Swedish, E-identification, FOSS 

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"This war is brutal. This war is disproportionate. This war is without precaution.

It also demonstrates the flagrant disregard of the ruling on the prevention of genocide from the International Court of Justice on 26 January and again two months later on 28 March."
— Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

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