About the thing:

"the company is “deeply sorry for impact that we’ve caused to customers”"
"Kurtz said there had been a “negative interaction” between the update and Microsoft’s operating system"


I wonder if it might turn out to be possible to come up with some joke where someone explains they are “deeply sorry" for the "negative interaction between ________ and ________".

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Millions of linux users around the world had their productivity crippled by #cloudstrike as they all rushed to read the news, post hot takes & dad jokes to their Mastodon feed.

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@vmiklos Great, thanks a lot. For other surveillance suffering people, you can find the video on our (not yet officially open) #peertube in the mirrored channel: friprogramvarusyndikatet.tv/c/

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#Angiverilagen får mig att tänka på DDR, den hör inte hemma i en sund demokrati. Viktigt att vi offentligt anställda tar tydlig ställning mot detta.

Skriv under du med, och hjälp regeringen förstå att de är helt ute och cyklar i den här frågan.


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Jag har lite tidiga funderingar på att starta en egen server! 👏

Målsättningen är att skapa en digital plats för föreningar och kulturutövare i anslutning till mitt närområde sydvästra Stockholm.

Vad jag vill försöka tillföra det här sociala nätverket är primärt funktioner för privata grupper men också grannskapsorganisering.

Om man är intresserad av att bidra, eller känner att man sitter på kunskap - eller har någon förening i området får man jättegärna höra av sig!

Boosta gärna ♻️

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Our Software Freedom Podcast has reached the episode number 25! 🎉🎉🎉

You can find all our episodes, in which we talk to people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom, here fsfe.org/news/podcast.html

#FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom

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🇬🇧 Is your government supporting #ChatControl? Do you want it to? Help change its position in time for the next vote later this year (it will be extremely tight)!
This is what you can do now to save privacy and encryption:

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Det verkar som att Chat Control är på agendan igen:

"Chat control is back on the agenda of EU governments. They will discuss “progress” on 10/11 October and are to endorse it on 12/13 December."

Maila de svenska partierna som stöder Chat Control (S, M, L och KD) och fråga om varför de vill massövervaka alla helt utan brottsmisstanke

Take action to stop chat control now! – Patrick Breyer

#ChatControl #StoppaChatControl

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Mina privata data känns inte supertrygga i Orbans EU-händer.

Släng Chat Control 2.0-förslaget i soptunnan och bränn det sedan!

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Upptäckte att #sverigesradio inte längre erbjuder en rss feed för Sommar och Vinter i P1. Eftersom jag gärna lyssnar på episoderna i min podcatcher så skrev jag ett litet script som skapar en rss som borde funka med alla podcatchers:


#sommarip1 #SommarP1 #p1sommar

In Swedish, E-identification, FOSS 

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Starting today, I am escalating my war against by adding a filter in that auto-removes any posts with links from my feed.

For anyone in the habit of posting youtube links here:
- I recommend that you stop doing that. Post links instead, or whatever else, just not youtube (google).
- If you continue to post youtube links then I will not see those posts because of the filter I just added. Don't worry, I will still see your other posts.

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#Purism offers now optional subscriptions to advance the development of PureOS. PureOS is also the default operating system for the #Librem5 #Linux #phone.

"PureOS will continue to be freely available for all, there is no product difference for subscribers or non-subscribers."

Purism has a long list of requests and never enough developer resources.

Subscribing enables @purism to invest more in #FOSS maintenance, innovations, and development.


#opensource #MobileLinux

Johan Linåker: "Report: Public Sector Open Source Program Offices - Archetypes for how to Grow (Common) Institutional Capabilities": linaker.se/blog/public-sector-

"One of the main challenges is the limited knowledge within the public sector in terms of both what open source is, but also how it can be leveraged [...]"
We need to change that!

Found along with other interesting stuff in the latest (Network Open Source and Data) newsletter (in Swedish): nosad.se/news_jun_2024

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I'm with @eliasr on this one. You don't have to run your own instance, but for a #GNU project, it just doesn't make sense to go #GAFAM over #Peertube.

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I just became a supporting member of @NOYBeu. #InvestInPrivacy at www.noyb.eu *\o/*

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We've updated switching.software again!

For instance, we updated the description of @cryptpad, an easy to use yet powerful end-to-end encrypted replacement for #MS356, #GoogleDocs and unencrypted pads.

If you find outdated content, please look through the open issues before creating new ones: codeberg.org/swiso/website/iss

#e2ee #FreeSoftware #onlineOffice #softwareAlternatives #GAFAM

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This seems exactly correct. I make computational art, and I write about the same technical topics that LLMs aren’t terrible at. But I genuinely don’t think I’m losing my audience to the latest gpt model. It’s not my skill as a coder or an artist that makes people care about my work, it’s the connection between the author and the audience that makes it work. I’m not stackoverflow, I’m a human being who shows herself in her work

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