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@purism ...and here's Kao Challengers played in PSP emulator (PPSSPP) at 3 times the original resolution. All on free software drivers! :)

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@purism Currently manages 30 FPS, just right for that perfect cinematic experience ;) There's still work to do to unleash the full power of the SoC though!

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SuperTuxKart played on a Librem 5 phone using an external keyboard and a 1080p TV. So this is this "mobile gaming" they keep talking about, huh? :D

The General Purpose Computer In Your Pocket

"What makes the Librem 5 special is that it reclaims the full potential of what phones should have been all along: a general-purpose computer in your pocket under your control."

Learn more:

0.6.0 is out 🚀 :

Besides more fixes for docked mode, the most visible change is @exalm 's work to close apps by swiping up. This needs 1.0.2.


Getting on the to work is all over the stack (, , , , kernel, ...). Every piece wants a bit of attention somewhat like

Just made my first mobile payment with my bank app straight from the Librem 5 - via Anbox. The last reason to occasionally boot an Android phone just went poof! :)

0.5.0 is out 🚀 :

This adds more keybindings, "docked mode" (for usage with external screen/mouse/keyboard) and more fixes with multiple screens.

You need recent 0.4.4, 1.10.0 and git master (or backported fixes) for this to work.


@purism I improved keyboard navigation in a bit so the becomes more fun to use when docked:

A Librem 5 Video Made on a Librem 5

"Ultimately the Librem 5 phone lets you take your regular workflow with you while also keeping you in contact with your friends and family."

@purism While fixing related issues in , and the kernel for the I wanted things to be more automatic. So can now enable a 'docked' mode on screen plug: windows become moveable automatically (and get their close button back), gets disabled and there's a quick setting that lets you toggle that too:

Kao the Kangaroo works pretty well under PPSSPP on the Librem 5 :D

Thanks to @exalm taking care of Webkit's packaging, Epiphany's GPU acceleration can now work on the ! Before (no acceleration) and after (GPU accelerated):

Librem 5 phone + USB keyboard + USB touchpad + Bluetooth speaker + HDMI screen + Firefox + YouTube video

External screen, keyboard and mouse attached to my phone running my favorite IDE - Qt Creator. Looking forward to try this setup on the first post-pandemic game jam :D @purism

Adventures of porting postmarketOS to the Librem 5

"I’ve been longing to drop the shackles of Android ever since I made the decision to stop using my Nokia N900. Nokia had given up on Linux phones, and it was clear that there would be no further security patches for my favorite smartphone of all time. "

Guest post by @craftyguy

For 4 years my personal website relied ENTIRELY on javascript to display anything 🤦‍♀️ and none of these 4 years show up on the wayback machine, one of my biggest regrets..

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