A Librem 5 Video Made on a Librem 5

"Ultimately the Librem 5 phone lets you take your regular workflow with you while also keeping you in contact with your friends and family."

@SeanGeil @purism I can imagine it being useful for me as a sysadmin. Having a full Linux machine in my pocket that I could plug into a bigger monitor if need be sounds really appealing.

(Especially if I can convince a few of my friends to get on the NexDock bandwagon so they'll have them lying around too. :P)

@SeanGeil @purism Before smartphones where invented, how many people needed a smartphone? Convergence is the holy grail of computing. Purism is doing more to make it a reality than the giants ever have. Impressive right?

@purism I'm waiting for the next model of the phone and then will consider it seriously.

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