SuperTuxKart played on a Librem 5 phone using an external keyboard and a 1080p TV. So this is this "mobile gaming" they keep talking about, huh? :D

@purism Currently manages 30 FPS, just right for that perfect cinematic experience ;) There's still work to do to unleash the full power of the SoC though!

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@purism ...and here's Kao Challengers played in PSP emulator (PPSSPP) at 3 times the original resolution. All on free software drivers! :)

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@dos that’s great! Might breathe new life into a small wireless keyboard I used to use when my day to day involved an RPi with a tiny screen and a battery pack so I could have a small computer with a real terminal in my pocket. Glad there’s now a much better way to accomplish that, and can’t wait to get my Librem 5

Well that's cool, but waiting for the Doom 3 as on MNT Reform @mntmn

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