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One of the best aspects of being #selfhosted on #microblogpub is that I do not have to follow the discussions about blocking who and why.

I'm free to read whatever I care if I get across it.

No disturbing timeline that shows me stuff I didn't ask for.

I already liked that at by #purism.

This is another step towards independency and using #yunohost this is until know hosted on my home internet access without problems.

I didn't care, yet, to carry the #rockpro64 nas case to a sever housing. I even didn't care, yet, to extend disk space on the 16gb emmc to the ssd I put into its case... 😉

Just signed the open letter drafted by FSFE.

The URL might give the impression this is about mobile phones and/or other devices running Android.

But the phrasing keeps it general and it also would apply to any iDevice or notebook locked down to run Microsoft software.

If I buy something I do not want to be threatened that I'd loose hardware warranty if I change the software running on it and I do not want to be forced to hack it to be able to do so and I do not want to be offered a one-way with no option to return to the factory defaults.

I hope this will be a major step or the one and only needed towards this goal.

Where fediverse and minimalism meet: honk
self-hosted #activitypub server for console geeks by @tedu

Just learned that in #gnome #wayland it is possible to paste the primary selection (the stuff marked with the mouse) via - inside gnome-terminal and tilix.

In x11 I used to synchronize primary selection and clipboard and after switching to gnome-wayland for now nearly a year I'm still confused and sometimes annoyed by the clipboard/selection management.

There's just been an update for my #Librem5. The new #phosh version offers an experimental plugin called phosh-ticket-box.

It allows the user to show PDFs from the lockscreen without unlocking the phone.

Show the QR for the parcel you want to send without unlocking.
Show your train ticket without unlocking
Show whatever PDF you like without unlocking.

It can be enabled in phosh-mobile-settings in the Lockscreen menu.

gsettings get sm.puri.phosh.plugins.ticket-box folder shows the path inside the home directory the plugin looks for PDFs in. The default is /home/purism/phosh-ticket-box.

Make the directory, put a PDF inside, enable the plugin and lock the phone. Enable the screen, swipe from the left border of the screen towards the right, select by swiping left and right the Tickets pane (if you have enabled more then one plugin) and click on the PDF to show.

Resizing and scrolling works with the known gestures.

Thanks !

Gibt es einen föderierten Kleinanzeigendienst basierend auf ActivityPub?

Does a federated small advertisement service based on ActivityPub exist?

There is still an unresolved bug in the linux kernel that lets for some users vanish the #bm818 modem of the #librem5 from the internal usb bus.

Problem is that it sometimes doesn't re-appear by itself and if one doesn't notice (the icon in the top bar of phosh changes and shows no connection) the phone is not booked in and doesn't receive calls, sms and isn't connected to the internet.

I adopted some of the solutions mentioned in the issue, added the service and scripts to bm818-tools in and now there is a package L5 users can install.

You can find it in the pipelines of my repo.

Feedback is very welcome!

When we say the is a mobile computer in your pocket, this is what we mean.

One of our customers (@primalmotion) hacks on custom versions of firmware for their which always runs the risk of temporarily bricking your computer.

When that did inevitably happen, they were able to connect their Librem 5 to their hardware flashing equipment and run the same tools you'd run on your Linux laptop to re-flash working firmware.


Thanks a lot, @dev! I had a problem publishing this article in my and @t found and fixed the problem within a few hours and published a new version of for upgrading !

Great work! Thanks a lot!

Installed #PassFF in Firefox on my #Librem5 to use pass from the browser along with the host application needed for it to interface with the #pass script.

Successfully logged into one a few sites.

The add-on seems to work just good on the small screen of the phone.

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For the moment being I decided to disable the use of the #OpenPGPcard inside my #Librem5 to force the use of my #LibremKey when gpg is needed on the phone.

Support for multiple smartcards is improved in gpg 2.3.x I read which is not available for my distribution, yet.

This way pass works with the externally connected LibremKey/#Nitrokey as expected.

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Some recent #microblogpub updates:

We now have a working #YunoHost package:
Lots of bug fixes and small improvements
Improved Markdown support

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