works o.k. in Gnome Web. Geary does work also and now my son can use his email address on his own. The is connected to a Lycander USB-C dock with ethernet, 2x USB-A (mouse and keyboard) and an HDMI. I still have to configure some magic to have it start in convergence mode all the time or just stay in convergence mode until it is disconnected from the usb-c dock. If the hdmi monitor is switched off it resets the monitor configuration half hearted to an unusable state.

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O.k., the does have a new SIM now and mine moved to the . If I'm not reachable... The will serve now as a computer for my eldest son. I hope he'll get along with it until . If this works he'll have no problems deciding which his first phone will be.

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Unbelievable. I'm looking at a on my desk. Red LED on, charging. First impression: compared to the really fast, touch screen has better responsibilty. Heavier, thicker. Really looking forward to flash it with (Bullseye) and copy my configuration from the Pinephone.

Yeah, arrived today. First impression: I like it. It's right now connected to a and works like a charm. It charges the phone. The keyboard feels nice even though I'm not used, yet, to the layout. The touchpad can be disabled (and if it is on, I can't really type without moving the focus out of the window). I'm looking forward to some more experience...

mental note to myself: it is not safe anymore to have my keys in on my . I started to login from the phone to places where I need the OTPs. Login and generating OTP (and thereby the seed of the OTP) should stay on different devices. Gotta look into using the for OTP and how I could use it on the pinephone also.

Good morning :-) - gotta test some reboots on my notebook. Therefor connected my external usb speakers to my .

Now listening to high quality music using .

This is tooted using and a LG Rolly bluetooth keyboard.

Linux mobile phones - here we come!

Made a today to @megi for his incredible work on the . Beside his knowledge and time he invests he also writes down his findings in a way that makes it great joy to read about them.

Thanks !

Oh, und jetzt öffnen sich die im . und die dank Kamera unscharfe Hummel scheint betrunken und ist über und über mit Blütenstaub voll.

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I do not really get along with on my - actually I deinstalled it.

still is my main communication medium and I do have lots of folders and server side filter rules.

I've gotten along well with and am using on the desktop at the moment. But I do not have the slightest idea what to use on my pinephone.

Any suggestion?

A web frontend with a light and for mobile optimized interface could be a solution also ( if it'd be foss for selfhosting).

Just wrote a toot on my running . Pictures tken with the same phone.

Keyboard and mouse connected via bluetooth just worked fine - on-screen keyboard didn't show thanks to udev hack.

In landscape still wastes too much screen height for the bars - in my opinion. The menu of e.g. cannot be used, because it is hidden behind the top bar of phosh.

does not show the pictures I append which makes it necessary while writing their description to switch back ...

Just looked in for a setting to tell it where to set the focus. Did'nt find what I've been looking for.

On my every time I switch to the firefox window or change the active tab the virtual keyboard pops up.

This is anoying. I guess it happens because firefox puts the focus on the address field.


Installed flatpak 1.0.0 on my running . First it didn't decide on font size which ended after I set text size to 200% to make it readable and then back to 100% to make it readable after the next start of tootle.

But the scrolling doesn't work for me no more. Reinstalled the apk 1.0.0alpha to check and it works as before when started from the command line to not run the flatpak.

Does that make sense, @bleakgrey?

Haha, im wächst !

Heute für Hering in weisser Soße (Sahneheringsfilet ohne Sahne) verwendet.

Warum macht die in meinem eigentlich so unscharfe Fotos?

Immerhin konnte ich die Fotos zum Hochladen mit convert von .tiff in .png umwandeln.

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The on my had been running with --no-remote --private.

In /home/mobian/.local/share/applications I have a .desktop file with those options added.

I do not remember that I put the file there and changing the options to not include --no-remote solved the problem that I had opening an url out of e.g. tootle when firefox is already running.

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Just changed the vetical scrollbar of on my from the right side to the left. Works better for me, because I do not scroll accidantly using the scrollbar when swiping a page up or down.

But still I can`t open urls from when firefox is already running. A issue with the .desktop file?

Hm, after waking up my running it sometimes shows two messages in the top menu:

Phone Shell

user on

Because of those messages the blue led is blinking.

I'd like to disable them - any idea how (beside deleting the nextcloud account ;) )?

I've always been annoyed, that there is no sane way to use programs on my android phone on my desktop and use the keyboard I'm working at.

Sometimes I want to send off an and just want that dialog of the phone be available on my notebook.

On the just compiled as well as on my notebook.

On my notebook using waypipe called via ssh on my . Chatty showed up on my notebook :).

Sending and receiving works.

Ich freue mich immer wieder: kommt auf dem unter an.

Latent sofort das antrainierte negative Gefühl, dass ich jetzt möglicherweise auf einer Bildschirmtastatur die Antwort tippen muss.

Ah, nein, Bluetooth Tastatur aufklappen, Antwort im 10-Finger-Anschlag tackern.

Klar, geht vielleicht auch unter oder . Da habe ich es aber wegen Telefonkonditionierung nicht genutzt.

Auf dem Linux Telefon bin ich Linux-konditioniert ;-).

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