I use a somewhat old sports watch (what a joke, it's 10y old and does seem to have stoped support for it). I use it offline by downloading its data to my Linux notebook. While on vacation I could do the same using the same software stack on my mobile phone: a .

Once in a a while I still get this feeling how amazing it is to have a small Linux computer in my pocket - even though it is already since more than a year my only mobile phone.

It's been some way to go, but now I'm in control of my : I can access the boot prompt.

I'm used to be able to do so to debug boot problems (in those rare cases) using grub.

Nice side effect: this version of u-boot (build to support uart2 instead of uart1) does support booting from sdcard.

Best part of it: No need to open the L5 at all and thereby low risk of breaking anything.

Would be nice to find a cheaper device than DELL TB16 to trigger thunderbolt alt mode...

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My is behind the scenes here - taking this picture. It shows a working connection between the L5 (connected to the other side of the grey usb-c cable) and my Librem14 running minicom.

While is running the output of the GPS module is transmitted over serial.

During boot I'll hopefully be able to get the serial console to u-boot soon.

More information can be found here: source.puri.sm/Librem5/communi

Great! I didn't test -calls (the same application used by ) in a while.

Just found that it worked perfectly connected via to a which it didn't when I tried last.

Gotta try it on my soon to see whether I can use it as a handset for my landline when at home.

Just installed -plugins on the : really cool!

After enabling it through the phosh-mobile-settings app I now can from the left edge of the screen to the right to get a calendar or a an overview of my upcoming events.

Went on a ride on the roadbike and planned the route beforehand using web.

The can be imported into to show on the map.

Without knowing ahead I left the part of the map I had for offline navigation on my .

But still I could follow the gpx shown on the very course worldmap by just keeping my position at the critical turns on the track.

In combination with brouters webinterface a good replacement for .

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So I followed instructions and installed the OSM Scout Server including the Map Manage to download maps.

Downloaded the stuff the server asked for and quit the program.

In PureMaps selected the offline profile and ... yes, the scout server got started via dbus in the background.

Switched off internet connection and tried offline maps: Just works.

Next roadbike trip using my ahead - this time with offline maps.

Shout out to @rinigus : Such a great work!


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I took out the (wondering how not-so-hot it was in ~30°C bright sun) and unlocked the screen and found my prepared map with a marker for my position on it.

I absolutly didn't expect this to happen, because I didn't waste any minute, yet, trying the gps beside once trying to get some data just to make sure it's really built-in and somehow working.

But gnome-maps is painfully slow and absolutly useless without internet connection.


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I just made two exciting discoveries using my .

I postponed any work on using maps and navigation until just the moment I needed a map on a trip in an unknown region.

I started gnome-maps and painfully slow moved the map to the place I knew I would be in doubt about taking the right turns - just in case.

And really, there's been unexpected constructions in the road and I had to go another way and had problems finding back to my planned route.


🤪 Connected the with a nearly empty to the usb charger, opened the back, took out the battery, put in the already charged other battery, closed it - ready to go!

No need to shut down the phone. Really nice!

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My extra arrived and I put it into the no name charger I bought to charge it.

It'll take some time to charge it until full (calculated with complete ignoring voltage and loss it should charge from 0mAh to 4500mAh in 7.5 hours), but this allows me to use the phone on battery while charging the backup battery.

Nice to know I can run out of battery once away from home without loosing connectivity.

Found a on my :

If you do not swipe often enough down on the lock screen page to admire the top menu of the lock screen you'll get locked out!

The keypad for entering your unlock pin or passphrase will vanish until you swipe down the top menu to worship it at least one time.


A new piece of documentation for the explains how to connect to the serial console of the phone to debug u-boot or get to its prompt to change the booting parameters.

It is even possible to connect to a serial console without opening the back of the phone just by using its usb-c socket.


Happy swiping day 🥳 ! is becoming better and better every release. The features I'm looking for and which I try to propose are usually already planned for the . The date is suddenly shown on the lock screen and in the top menu. Great work!

Yesterday our oldest son (8y) took part in his first . My wife tried to take pictures using a Sony mobile. It switched repeatedly camera and screen of after showing a message that it's too hot.
My sometimes shows the red blinking led to make me aware that charging and system(?) have been throttled because of the phone getting too hot, but it did never stop working for me.
The day has been very hot at over 36°C.
I could learn why, how and maybe change it. She can't. .

sudo apt-get purge drawing 

Just moved my old 2013 Android mobile (.org) to a drawer of my desk.

The has now been my smartphone for over two month already and I didn't even touch the old phone.

Migration done.

Next step to replace all my Android usage: find a replacement for to run in an linux environment and get a tablet to run it.

In my opinion the screen of a smartphone is too small to use a map application. Navigation on ~5.x": yes, but planning of routes: no.

Since my last toot about my /#Nexdock360 convergence setup I found that the hdmi connection between the usb-c dock and the N360 is unstable. I changed the hdmi cable twice until now (even a Lindy cable didn't work) and removed the 90° usb-c adapter I used to connect the dock. To still be able to connect usb-c to the L5 I reattached the magnetic holder on the N360 on the upper border of the screen. Since then I didn't have any hdmi disconnects.

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