Uh, morning.

Had a keyboard delivered. But it didn't work at all.

Support didn't know what to do about it and offered to send a replacement.

I asked megi (firmwares author) whether he could make use of the broken device. No.

I disassembled it, didn't find any obvious problem, plugged everything back in and the keyboard suddenly worked, but the internal battery did not charge.

Megi pointed me into the right direction and I found this post:



O.k., some soldering to do. But my cheap soldering iron had a broken cable and to replace it I'd need to solder a new one to its pcb ( not delivered, yet, when will they restock @PINE64?).

I do only this one iron, but I still had a little burner. So I tried the first time soldering with that one and got the job done 😏.

It didn't look really good and I put some hot glue for extra insulation and security.

Soldering iron working again.


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Having a working soldering iron for small electronics again I went for the of the keyboard.

Like shown on the pictures in the forum post I shorted D1 with a tiny little piece of wire.

I guess I'll go for one of those magnifying glasses my dentist uses. Even in good light I can barely see this stuff without magnification.

To check my job I took this picture. It works. It really works and charges again.

Still gotta put together all the parts for a final check...


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Done - working!

Put together the keyboard and tested again: Works, charges.

Thanks again to megi! His work can be found here: xnux.eu/

To make it safe giving the mini computer phone thing to my kids I hot glued close the usb-c of the since it is strongly adviced not to use it while connected to the keyboard - especially for charging which would be the only connections my kids do regularly.


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