Unbelievable. I'm looking at a on my desk. Red LED on, charging. First impression: compared to the really fast, touch screen has better responsibilty. Heavier, thicker. Really looking forward to flash it with (Bullseye) and copy my configuration from the Pinephone.

O.k., the does have a new SIM now and mine moved to the . If I'm not reachable... The will serve now as a computer for my eldest son. I hope he'll get along with it until . If this works he'll have no problems deciding which his first phone will be.

Show thread works o.k. in Gnome Web. Geary does work also and now my son can use his email address on his own. The is connected to a Lycander USB-C dock with ethernet, 2x USB-A (mouse and keyboard) and an HDMI. I still have to configure some magic to have it start in convergence mode all the time or just stay in convergence mode until it is disconnected from the usb-c dock. If the hdmi monitor is switched off it resets the monitor configuration half hearted to an unusable state.

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