I often use the same key combos in the terminal so I added a (configurable) shortcut bar on top of osk-stub's (pretty basic) terminal layout. Let' see how this works out.

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@agx I want this!

I also never understood why squeekboard's terminal layout put the tab key so it was almost always 2 taps away... Does no one else use tab?

@craftyguy @agx It's on the primary layout in wvkbd, how else is one supposed to autocomplete commands in one's smartphone terminal emulator? Typing on tiny mobile devices is painful enough already...

@proycon @craftyguy it's on the primary layout in phosh-osk-stub as well (as seen in the video).

@agx @proycon yeah that's what reminded me of it.

So... When is phosh-osk-stub replacing squeekboard? 😁

@craftyguy @proycon It's not meant to. I see phosh-osk-stub as a playground to experiment with things without sacrificing stability on end user systems (and without having to download half of the world via cargo to try out something quickly). 's modular design of split compositor / shell / keyboard makes this possible as one just has to swap out /u/s/sm.puri.OSK0.desktop (which in can be done via `update-alternatives` (which basically manages this as a symlink).

@proycon @craftyguy @agx this reminds me, the other day i made a custom #wvkbd layout made so i never have to switch between keyboards and so i can use #dvorak on my phone with all the modifier keys i need

@agx Oh man this looks awesome! Can't wait for this to land.

@agx I just discovered a keyboard on android/f-droid[1] that allows typing extra keys by tapping a keycap, holding, and swiping in some direction (up, down, diag.) to select the alternate key. try it out... it's a little hard to explain but it seems really nice to use, like tab is tap/hold 'a' key then swipe up... it's very fast to type. maybe it could provide some inspiration 😄

@craftyguy we do character popover already: . Combine that with the space-bar-press swipe cursor navigation we also already have and you're already almost there. Having a nice widget for it is the harder part but I'd be happy to see patches for that.

@agx yeah I've seen the popover stuff, but what this "unexpected keyboard" thing does is... a bit different than being just a popover. Nothing pops up when you "select" an alternative key for a keycap.

@craftyguy I'm aware it's not a popup. What I described is how you combine what's in phosh-osk-stub *codewise* to get to what you described.

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