@purism Great news and looking forward to receiving my device and no longer be held to Apple/Android. But not so good if you aren’t technically minded or this is your first adventure into Linux, as it may be safer for you to wait until December onwards which is arguably not Q3 2019?????


They said 19Q3

September is Q3

--> OP delivers

@purism will i be able to buy a molded case later and put the electronics in? on the pictures it looks easy to (re)place the boards :)

@purism Purism, you are the greatest. Keep on your great work it looks amazing.

@purism Steve Jobs eat your fucking heart out. It looks incredible!

@purism Good job, they look gorgeous! Very happy to support a Libre phone :)

What about the RYF certification? Are you discussing with the FSF?

@thibaultamartin @purism
"we are compliant with, and submitting for, the “Respects Your Freedom” certification from the Free Software Foundation."

shipping announcement

FSF discussion: forums.puri.sm/t/questions-on-

@danielst @purism You have good sight :)

IIRC purism worked with the FSF to ensure hardware would be RYF certified. I guess the FSF waits for the actual device in their hands before granting their seal of approval

@thibaultamartin @purism
You know... I'm waiting for that photo of Stallman, excited like a 3yr old, using a mobile phone - for the first time!?

In the post, it's not entirely clear if the Aspen - Dogwood models will receive the LTS software etc when it becomes available? Could someone confirm please?

@joshfowler @purism Yes. Absolutely. All batches are, realistically, very (very) similar and all running the same OS (PureOS) -- and all will receive the same updates.

So everyone who has,say, Aspen... will get all the software updates that the later batches will just ship with.

@lunduke @purism
Thanks for the clarification! =]
I was concerned that there would be a bleeding edge version that was on all the beta devices and a LTS version.

@purism the more i read this announcement the more disappointed i become, i pre-ordered the phone last year for original launch date in the Jan 2019, but as a novice with linux it may be best i wait until the Jan - Mar 2020 release. I expected some teething problems but i thought this would have been sorted by the 2 push back dates (Jan & Apr) and not having to wait until next year 😔

@purism Good news, but also confusing. I think you should at least add a table like this here to the post (or wherever one can choose their batch.)

@m4lvin @purism the sceptic in me could argue this is another 3 month push back, as Purism is giving the customer a choice of what stage delivery they want. What customer would want an unrefined product 🤔

@drewmoore @m4lvin @purism
In the forums, at least 3 people so far voiced they want the Aspen one - for the historical and the "handmade with love" aspect of it ;)

@danielst @m4lvin @purism well theres a potential problem for Purism, if only a limited amount of people want the first batch and the majority will wait, thats a huge cost of unwanted stock, will they have to force the products onto customers????

A handmade brick? I just watched the CCC video where the CTO couldn't demo the phone cos it had overheated and shut down
@drewmoore @m4lvin @purism

@purism that is awesome.. is there a way (maybe by order date?) that I/we can tell which batch our/my order will be a part of?

@purism Darn, I wanted to bring one to record the area 51 raid on September 20th.

@purism i have to question the mindset at Purism, why was resources put into Librem One for Apple and Android devices, when they are releasing their own device that hasn’t even a fully functioning (basic) web browser on launch date????

I can't imagine the same people working on Librem5 were working on Librem One, so the latter would've had no influence on the Librem5 development.

@drewmoore @purism
It's an awesome mindset: Purism helps people to transition away from big tech without the need for a hard disruption. You can try Librem Chat without having to use a Linux phone /laptop and even without paying.

For the same reason, you can stay in touch with your family in case you go "all in" with a Linux phone. It's a much saner approach than "making sure WhatsApp can work on the Librem 5", when a major reason to choose it is to leave such companies.

@purism Santa, now you know what I want for Christmas.

@purism Happy to see this kind of transparency. Well done.

@purism awesome! I'll be travelling for a year, leaving 28th Dec, so hopefully, I'm in on of the first 3 shipments!!! 🇦🇺

Hey @dean,
I'm really excited about the Librem 5, but I think you should have a backup phone. The Librem 5 is still in an experimental state from the software point of view.`
The compositor is still in its early days, and it may be too buggy for travel.
You may also (unfortunately) sometime need proprietary apps, which won't run on the Librem 5 at launch.

Good luck with your travel :)

@thibaultamartin yeah definitely, I plan to take my android with me.

@purism Will you issue refunds to those who don't want to wait longer for a finished product? I was expecting a production-quality product in September, not a prototype. It looks like that would be another 9 months delay.

@Tryphon @purism
Yes they do (support@puri.sm).
But before that, I'd suggest to wait for more details and which slot you would be in.

I think the blunt wording about the cases makes some people more worried than they really should be. The cases should be ok.

@Tryphon @purism
As you're the second to ask this, I wonder why people who desperately wanted this phone (and possibly understand how hard it is, when others predicted failure) would consider to give up so close to success.

Reminds me of the two prisoners escaping, after climbing over 9 of 10 walls, one saying: "Enough is enough. I'll go back" ;)

@danielst @purism fair question. I felt misled by the recent Q3 launch promises, so my trust in the actual shipping date for the finished product (Q2’2020? Q4’2020?) is much reduced. If I get a refund I can still buy later if it ships. Or I could get a pinephone instead. Purism should have been more honest a few months ago. I don’t want to be a backer any more, I might still be a regular customer. I hope it clarifies it for you?

@danielst @Tryphon @purism ok i can see this point of view, but why the hell is a youtuber explaining this and not Purism, the customer service sucks, especially for me as i had so much trouble getting my Librem one family pack sorted, it took them over a week but they were happy to take a full months money and now none of us know where we are regarding which batch we’ll be in, it could be argued the Q3 2019 is a flat out lie!

@drewmoore @Tryphon @purism
I'll not defend their line of communication.
The bumpiness can be attributed to a small company pushing a big wheel.

On the youtuber, see

For general promise delivery appreciation, see

If I understand it correctly I should wait for one more year to have a phone that can compete with the rest of the mobile market?

@hamburghammer @purism
No phone can compete with the Librem 5.

v2 will not be much faster but a bit more energy efficient. Your choice.

The software optimizations between now and next year will make a much bigger difference.


Anyone know if the messaging app is encrypted? Or how secure it is? Bummed that Signal won't run on it, maybe in the future?
Also, what other messaging apps will work on it out of the gate?

@PiratePatriot our messaging app is encrypted. Take a look at our forums there are community projects for various Signal clients e.g forums.puri.sm/t/signal-client

Doesn't sound like anything has happened with that for a while. I guess I'll be waiting and see if Signal wishes to create an app themselves for Librem. Also will wait for some independent privacy/encryption testing on the Librem messaging app and how existing encryption means when communicating with someone on a imessage or android standard messenger.

It's nice to say you want to offer a phone with privacy, but you need to show your apps, especially messaging and email, are on par with those such as Signal and ProtonMail, and even BitWarden, or be working with those companies to create versions that will work with your phone. Without the apps folks want to use, and currently use, for privacy, the Librem just won't cut it IMO. You just end up asking everyone to switch, and get all their friends to switch, which is never easy. Won't buy a phone with so many questions about the apps themselves on the phone.

@purism Hello,
It looks good on your phone, but operators in France, such as Orange, Bouygues, SFR or Free for example, how do we do? I guess your phone is not currently offered in France with a subscription. Will you go with them to offer it with a subscription or will we have to buy the SIM card of one of these different operators in France to use your phone?
Thank you

@jfmblinux yes currently you will have to buy the phone and get a SIM only deal.

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