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Secure, Private, Made in The U.S.A. Electronics, Plus No Surveillance Or Data Mining From Big Tech, The Way A Smartphone Should Be!

As CNBC properly states it, Purism is the only US manufacturer creating tech like our Librem 5 and Liberty smartphones.

The Liberty phone has all the electronics manufactured in the United States of America at the Purism facility, the Liberty phone is one of the most advanced electronics coming out of the USA.

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Today I spent almost 9 hours running around a city, with my #Librem5 . I used waydroid in it with an app that allows to find public transport connections and buy tickets. I used it quite frequently, checking how can I get to a next point I had planned.
I returned with 40% battery left. The recent battery life improvement is awesome! (

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@eyecreate Vehicle voyage seems pretty useful on my librem5 but I wonder how hard it would be to import / export data before I put too much in there. looks like a servicerecords.sqlite possibly holds it.. pointers would be appreciated

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Librem 5 USA now finally in stock with 10 day shipping window and new production runs of the regular Librem 5 coming soon with the goal to fulfill all outstanding orders around the end of the year. So glad to see a light at the end of this tunnel! @purism

@FreeTubeI tried to join your Matrix group but the linux from your page is not working for me.. have you seen an unofficial android APK of your freetube app? I seem to remember one

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Tune in to our new episode! @katherined talks to @kyle about global supply chain security, disaster and security preparedness, and the Librem 5.
Visit the following link for full episode -

took a photo of my librem13 keyboard from my new librem 5 camera .. also teseting tootle on librem 5

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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (
) shows how to get fabulous results from your Librem 5 camera. Plus, bonus cat pictures shot with L5! Learn how we've improved➡️

my make install for anbox does not seem to do all the init scripts etc.. missing something here

trying tootle app on my brend new librem5 ..

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If want to get rid of Google in your life, @kyle's post is what you need to read! Purism is a sound alternative to Big Tech!

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When you pre-order the Librem 5 you are:

Backing our mission to build a more private and secure smartphone

Supporting our fight against BigTech, 's and 's

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@purism I bet if I could give a gift to friends of the first month free of the Get Everythiing bundle at (paying the 7.99 for them) that would be enough to motivate some people on the fence about leaving gmail 😉

@purism I am curious, are there any plans or thoughts on doing a voice assistant like siri with privacy in mind say like so it works without internet ?

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Translation: PG&E has neglected maintenance and upgrades for so long that even with the spotlight on them it's going to take a *decade* to catch up.
"California Can Expect Blackouts For A Decade, Says PG&E CEO"

@purism As I wait for my Librem 5 it occurred to me I have no idea how your current photo synchronization is handled.. but I thought I would mention something that can sync like does would be ideal it doesn’t get more convenient / versatile than that.. thanks for listening

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