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#Google is trying again to convince you, YES YOU, to contribute for free to Google Maps.
Please don't.
It is 100% #proprietary, Google has full control over the data you added and people can only access Google Maps over proprietary channels where Google dictates the rules. This gives them too much power.

Contribute to #OpenStreetMap instead, it's a project by the community, for the community.

#OSM #GoogleMaps #PSA #scam #capitalism #OpenData

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hello little guy! Thanks for calmly posing and letting me move my within just a few cm!

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Security question about 2fa and password changes:

If a website uses 2fa - why is it never asked for before you can reset a password?

If Eve has control over the email of Alice - Eve can at least change the password , so Alice has no access to the website anymore.

Any reasons, why I have never seen a 2fa request before changing the password? Am I missing something?

#security #infosec #2fa

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And finally, there's my seven-screen desktop – two laptops, running @opensuse #Tumbleweed on energy-efficient yet fast #ryzen hardware. Pure opensource, software like #barrier connects the devices, so that one keyboard one mouse controls all screens seamlessly, including clipboard.
(disclaimer: Only non-OSS might be hidden in Chrome or Codecs. I don't usually use proprietary, no one needs that, it's not the nineties anymore :-) )
Oh, and of course I am a proud user of @kde and @librewolf /7

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Thousands of years ago, people were experimenting with all sorts of complex, dense social forms. Over 11,000 years ago, at Göbekli Tepe in what is now Turkey, people were erecting some of the world’s first monumental stone architecture. 11,000 years ago at Jericho, in Palestine, people were settling in one of the world’s first cities. At Çatalhöyük, also in Turkey, people 9,000 years ago built a complicated, honeycomb-like city. 5 to 6,000 years ago, people in what is now Ukraine built sprawling settlements. People were experimenting with urban life, with agriculture, with writing and all sorts of new phenomena.

Then, a little more than 5,000 years ago, in what is now southern Iraq, something entirely new began to emerge in some of the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia: the state.


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2 recent & important studies on Long COVID
📌Include ~340k COVID patients vs ~7M controls out to 2 yrs
 📌Organ dysfunction persists in 33%
 📌Levels of disability from #LongCOVID exceed those of cancer & heart disease‼️
Nature Med -

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Introducing the Librem 11 Tablet! The Librem 11 is a powerful tablet preloaded with PureOS running our Phosh user interface. Every order comes with a keyboard case, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and 1TB of storage. Order yours today!

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Quelle: Wiesbadener Kurier

Ich denke da steckt viel Wahrheit drin, oder?

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Sehr schöner Postillon Artikel

"Bild"-Chefin: "Wir fahren keine Kampagne gegen Habeck, der übrigens kleine Kinder frisst und mit Meth dealt"

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Some exciting news:

With the help of a tester (thanks kyeh!), #mobilelinux though vvmd/vvmplayer ( ) finally supports Visual Voicemail on all major US carriers!

If you have an MVNO on any of the major carrier, you should be able to easily check if the parent settings work for you. If they do, *please* make an MR in so we can officially support more carriers!

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“What do you do for a living?”

“I sneakily try to turn security engineers into privacy engineers.”

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Regular reminder: if your site or app doesn’t work in Firefox, it’s broken.

I lived through the “this site requires and/or is best in IE” era, and I’d rather burn it all down than return to that.

Pro-tip: Firefox does most things better anyway. Give it a spin and enjoy a less-tracked web.

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Willkommen zu "Hacken, dass...?", der Chaos-Gala auf dem #CCCamp23. Für die Show suchen wir eure besten Wettideen. Könnt ihr Stecker mit dem Radlader crimpen? Oder Prozessoren am Geruch erkennen? Telefonnummern anhand des DTMF-Geräuschs hören? Meldet euch und schickt uns eine Nachricht. Ack, die Wette gilt!

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SARS-CoV-2 variants for Germany 

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@cassidy @pietrodc0 @hughsie one interesting way I’ve seen for doing restaurant reviews without necessarily allowing freeform text is having a series of “tags”: “spicy food”, “good value”, “authentic”, “vegetarian options”, etc. We could have similar tags for apps.

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