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We are excited to announce the theme of our first game jam is: "symbiotic." Devs have one month to create an Open Source video game around the theme!

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This one’s for the white guys: dear privileged people in tech, it’s easy to sit back and benefit from the rules of the game. But, if you are an ally, we need you to stand up when DEI initiatives are being dismantled. Yup, nothing to add here.

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“Dangerous distraction:” Plug-in hybrids emit up to 7 times more than claimed, even in cities

What they found was shocking: The real-world emissions of the tested plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) were 85-114 g/km above the “artificially low” official ratings of 27-36 grams

#car #hybrid #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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transphobia, wikipedia 

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Have you ever lost your way when visiting the hospital? Come and help map it! Next mapping day out, Saturday March 16th: #Geogeeks #Perth #OpenStreetMap

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french wikipedia admins are now perma-banning #lgbtq contributors with years of experience who dared voicing some opposition to the "how shall we deadname trans people" poll.

this is ridiculous and revolting. how can an open-source project of this size lack a proper CoC *and* measures for its enforcement ?

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#wikipedia #wikipediafr

I'm at the rally with a few hundred people in front of the WA Parliament House. Let's protect our unique and beautiful environment!

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Dear companies,

please don't make having access to Google's or Apple's app stores to use your products a requirement.

This locks so many of us out because we either don't have a compatible device or the device doesn't have the software to access these services (like google play services).

1️⃣ /2️⃣

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I wrote about the genocide in Palestine, and how tech has been silent and complicit.

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I had low expectations for COP28—oil emirate?—but to hear petrostates (that's US) crow about the statement to "move away" from fossil fuels as "historic" & not the utter minimum... well, that's fucking revealing.

Business as Usual will fight to the death.

Our death.

We aren't doomed, but we're in deep trouble. The only way out is together.

1—vote green


3—change a high carbon usage to low carbon TODAY

4—keep going

Any action gets you started & we don't have any time to lose.

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Large plume of dust, and fires flaring up🔥, in strong offshore southeasterly winds along the Western Australia🇦🇺 coast southwest of #Broome along 80 Mile Beach seen by #Himawari9 🛰️on 10 December. #bushfires #duststorm

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These haunting underwater photos portray climate change in a new way

The stunning portrait is one in a series of images in “SINK / RISE,” the latest project from fine art photographer Nick Brandt. The photos feature South Pacific islanders representing people who are on the brink of losing their homes, lands and livelihoods due to climate change

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate #PacificIslands

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Refrigeration chemicals are a nightmare for the climate. Experts say alternatives must spread fast

Cars are another source of these super pollutants, says Eckhard Groll, an expert in refrigeration and head of mechanical engineering at Purdue University. AC systems in gas-powered vehicles are “prone to leaking” and on average approximately 25% of refrigerant from all cars leak out every year

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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A rundown of some of the heartbreaking updates out of Palestine today:

- According to the Gaza Health Ministry, at least 2,215 Palestinians have been killed, including 724 children, and 8,714 wounded since October 7.

- Overwhelmed, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir el-Balah has begun using ice cream trucks as morgues.

- In the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, 54 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers, with more than 1,100 wounded.

- According to the Palestinian Health Minister, 28 health care workers have been killed by Israel since October 7. 15 medical centers have been damaged by Israeli strikes, with Beit Hanoun Hospital and Al-Durrah Children's Hospital being rendered out of commission. As well, 23 ambulances “have been damaged and rendered inoperable.”

- The Jordan Field Hospital has also shut down due to Israeli attacks. It “used to provide free medical services to about 1,000-1,200 people daily.”

- Since October 12, most Palestinians no longer have access to drinking water through the tap. According to OCHA, “As a last resort, people are consuming brackish water from agricultural wells, triggering serious concerns about the spread of waterborne diseases.”

- Since October 7, in the West Bank, OCHA has tallied 63 settler attacks against Palestinians, including some cases where Israeli forces were involved. “This represents an average of nine incidents per day, compared with a daily average of three incidents since the beginning of this year.”


@palestine #Palestine #Israel #Gaza #WestBank

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