@todd @purism 7 days since i asked for my refund, still no money and my purism account for the phone still shows ‘awaiting shipping’ not cancelled??????

@purism where do i find the information of which baseboard i should use for my mobile carrier?

@gbryant love the new video and your excitement with meeting Todd 😊

@Purism hello, why is it when i tap on a picture using librem social the app shuts down? Using iphone

@purism just sent off my email for which batch i would like to be apart of and very excited. I was wondering if you’ll be running some tutorial videos, this is my first steps into Linux so some help may be needed 😂

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@purism i have to question the mindset at Purism, why was resources put into Librem One for Apple and Android devices, when they are releasing their own device that hasn’t even a fully functioning (basic) web browser on launch date????

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Did you know that with a Librem One account you get end-to-end encrypted chat, VoIP, and video calling used by millions of people librem.one

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Creating an ethical, convenient alternative to is everything stands for. As a Social Purpose Corporation, we design -focused hardware combined with freedom-respecting software and services: our hardware, and Librem One librem.one

@purism after clearing my iphones browser history and even clearing the data from the advanced tab, how comes there is a google cookie showing when the only web site i visited was purism login page for my accout????

@purism i’m loving all the software updates, but no chance of a hardware update video, perhaps filling in the blanks of the phones spec or how supply chain is confirmed? Some of the forums i’m in there seems to be 2 camps, the loyal fan who will wait regardless and the other who are counting days. Yes youve said Q3 but some are saying, the silence on hardware is worrying.

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@drewmoore correct Purism has no political affiliation, does not back any party, is independent, and promotes freedom, privacy, and security.

@gbryant ha fella, if i was to partition my old 2012 imac could i instal pureos onto it?

@purism is there any developers who could loom at this? I was wondering if the IM wire could work on librem 5 or even integrate with ‘chatty’? github.com/wireapp/wire-deskto

Happy terrorist day to my rebellious cousins across the pond 😂, please treasure your constitution, you remain the last bastion of western values and freedoms, the United Kingdom has lost its freedoms and we now need your support more than ever! 😔

@gbryant you seem to be in with Purism (ive ordered my Librem 5 too) perhaps you can find out if Purism is taking a stance of political neutrality considering all the shit thats happening with Big tech and censorship? Ps enjoying your vids on youtube!

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