I wrote a piece on the @purism blog on why consent is critical for , the tech industry's failure to get consent, and as a result how "Privacy has become the tattoo removal of the information age". puri.sm/posts/consent-matters-

Plasma 5 is five 🎉! In these five years, hundreds of people have contributed their time and knowledge to make the Plasma desktop what it is today. Happy birthday, Plasma 🎂!


Ever dream of getting a 15" Librem laptop for $799?

Dream no longer, my friends. This is just for a limited time.

Librem 15 v3 No-TPM (UK keyboard): $799

Librem 15 v3 (UK or DE keyboard): $999

Purism and the Linux 5.2 Kernel.

Here’s a list of contributions for the Linux 5.2 kernel cycle, for which our team recently contributed with 14 patches.


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