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Good news: I didn't burn my mouth with oatmeal this morning. Bad news: I burnt my mouth with a breakfast sandwich instead.

My rug is done! Here it is in its natural habitat. It took me a bit over 55 hours to make it in total. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and learned a lot about Rep ⁨⁩ in the process.

I've been doing a lot of anti-interdiction orders for recently and realized not everyone may know we offer the service for our phones. I did a quick write-up on how we have adapted the process for the

This is the current ⁨⁩ line up I rotate though. The Fat Boy and Slim adjustables (far left) are always nice, and the Stahly Live Blades (far right) were recent faves, but the Gillette Red Tip (middle) surprised me with some great shaves and is the current fave. ⁨

Halfway through tying the fringe on the rug. I'm using a double Damascus edge which takes about 6 hours per side. ⁨

Hey fedipals, do you know what's the state of the FLOSS Google Search alternatives? Last time I checked Searx and Seeks were not giving good results… but maybe that was just an instance problem? Are there new more interesting ones? Boost welcome.

My rug is almost ready to take off the loom. The ⁨⁩ went quickly compared to the set up, but at the end here I'm struggling because I've run out of warp! I've had to pull many tricks out of my bag to finish this, but I think the final product will still be great.

I decided to measure my rug and remaining warp and I'm glad I did! This technique draws up much more warp than I was expecting so this 3'x5' rug will now be 3'x4'. Thankfully I caught it in time to adjust the pattern so it will still be symmetrical. ⁨

I have a rule that I don't buy yarn unless I already have a project in mind. I broke that rule today because, come on, local yarn with mug shots of the sheep it came from? How can you resist that? ⁨⁩ ⁨

It wasn't until Nicole started writing about her work on Librem EC that I realized just how much the embedded controller is responsible for on modern computers, and therefore how important it is that it runs open firmware.

While I know that some of the earliest automobiles were electric vehicles, I still did a double-take when I saw references to EVs in this 1918 ad for engine oil. ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ ⁨

After a few false starts, the rug is finally starting to take shape! I think this is going to go pretty quickly at this point. ⁨

Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges.

I'm now 24 working hours into my rug ⁨⁩ project. I had to buy more heddles to weave this dense, wide, large project. I have finished dressing the loom and am finally at the point where I can start weaving the rug itself.

@trregeagle @kyle @purism

At the #minidebconf in Hamburg last month I deliberately didn't bring my laptop and did all my packaging and light coding on the #librem5 using a #nexdock360.

While it did indeed get a bit hot during compilation, I enjoyed using #phosh in docked mode very much 🚀


Everything about ⁨⁩ this rug has been intimidating so far because of the giant scope of the project. For instance it took me almost four hours to wind the warp onto the warp beam. Threading the loom is next and it is equally daunting.

This model on Thingiverse for a Mason jar gumball machine was pretty simple to print and assemble and it works great.

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