This is the current ⁨⁩ line up I rotate though. The Fat Boy and Slim adjustables (far left) are always nice, and the Stahly Live Blades (far right) were recent faves, but the Gillette Red Tip (middle) surprised me with some great shaves and is the current fave. ⁨

@kyle nice collection! How is it using the Fatboy handle? Seems awfully big. But I know a bunch of people who love them. I'm more of a feather guy myself. 😁

@IPXFong Compared to the Stahly razors, the Fat Boy handle seems positively tiny! At least the way I hold my razors, the size of the handle hasn't even been something I've noticed. There *is* a subtle difference shaving with it compared to my Slim on the same setting, but that also could just be slight differences in technique when holding the two razors.

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