My rug is done! Here it is in its natural habitat. It took me a bit over 55 hours to make it in total. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and learned a lot about Rep ⁨⁩ in the process.

Too cool. Looks great! I'd just hate to be the first one with oil or asphalt on my boots to put one on that, at least not while you were looking.

@epic Yes, with the first rug I wove for the other entryway, it took us over a week before we stopped stepping over the rug when we came through the door. I imagine it will be the same here, but eventually we will use it as intended.

@kyle That looks fantastic! What are the dimensions?

@wobin Thank you! It ended up 3 feet wide and a bit under 4 feet long. Originally I wanted it to be 3x5 but was surprised at just how much Rep weave draws in the warp with this thick weft. The 20% rule of thumb in the Rep weave books I read was *way* off. While the ending measurements aren't what I originally wanted, I'm still pleased with how things turned out.

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