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(Apologies to The Clash)

Yankee brewer
He wanna make some ale
He tried in California
But now it's all that he can sell

Yankee dollar talk
To the cicerones picking suds
In fact it's giving orders
And they can't afford to filter trub

I'm so bored with the IPA
I'm so bored with the IPA
But what can I do?

I (finally) booked my hotel for SoCAl Linux Expo 19x in July. I'll be speaking about the OpenSnitch desktop firewall. Hope to see you there!

Update: I'm looking forward to this clock winding down. I might replace the movement with a modern, quiet, battery-powered one though if I can do it in a reversible, non-destructive way.

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My table runner is finished! I practiced my hand sewing and used a felling stitch to secure the rolled hem and after a press it's ready to decorate my table. ⁨⁩ ⁨

I wound this alarm clock and put it in my office next to the adding machines from a similar era. I can't tell whether the mechanical ticking in this otherwise quiet room will end up being endearing, ignorable, or infuriating.

I finished ⁨⁩ my overshot table runner! I had some extra warp at the end to play with so I experimented with a darker brown cloth weft and lime green pattern weft.

Heading up to DFW for a cousin’s wedding this weekend, and leaving the laptop behind. Of course one does still need the capacity to deploy security patched (you are all maintaining your personal cloud infra, right?), so I’m bringing my #librem5 along so I can boot a secure device, access my VPN, and login to all of my personal infra with hardware backed keys. My backpack is much lighter! Not mad about it at all.

You look at me, you got nothing left to say
I'm going to tweak this code until I get my way
I won't use, spyware things
I just want a doorbell
But I will not install Ring

Well there's nothing I can do
I only wanna be with GNU
You can call me a fool
I only wanna be with GNU

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You and me, we come from different worlds
I like to laugh at you when you pipe to bash from curl

Your apps are crazy and you wonder why
I'm such a baby `cause closed software makes me cry
Well there's nothing I can do
I been looking for some code like GNU

I’ve been in many “Linux on the Desktop” debates over the years and my stance today is largely the same as two decades ago: if you want free software to succeed, it must be pre-installed on hardware where all hardware features work, with a hardware vendor that supports it.

No matter what OS or hardware you use, or how easy it is to use, you are going to need help with it at some point. This support is critical to the success of free software. Here is why it’s so important that we at Purism offer full support for free software on our hardware–it’s critical to free software succeeding and it’s been a critical part of how we approach our mission. Kudos to our support teams🙌 🎉

Hey @Wildbill I was just telling someone the story of you winning that SUSE-branded Thinkpad X series at Linux World Expo and announcing you were going to install Ubuntu on it. Do you still have that laptop?

I have finished the third volume of Durant's Story of Civilization. This volume covers the history of the Roman Empire and Christianity up to the fourth century. Eight more volumes to go, but first a break to read some other books on my list. ⁨⁩ ⁨

I worked on this more over the weekend, but as it's a repeating pattern, it will look basically like the last picture up to the point I take it off the loom.

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Major Court victory against #Vizio Friday evening. After hearing oral arguments from both sides, The Judge quickly decided to remand our case back to California state court!

Tune in to our new episode 111! @katherined and @dsearls talk to @kyle and Holmes Wilson about #Quiet, a #Tor-based peer-to-peer #messaging project.
Visit the following link for full episode -

#Security #Privacy #Technology #Podcast #newEpisode

You can get a better sense of the pattern now that it's repeated a few times. This is called "Wandering Vine" (from Davison's famous ⁨⁩ pattern book) but is also known as "Cat Track" or "Snail Trail" which makes more sense once you can see more of the pattern.

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This is NEXT WEEK! I am giving a data privacy workshop on Friday at 10:30am, and I'd love to see you. Tickets are nearly sold out, but as long as they are available, use WITTSPEAKER15 for a 15% discount to save 15% on passes at checkout.

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