Based on @merge 's accelerometer work ( and yesterday's work to hook iio-sensor-proxy into , enabling rotation is just a couple of more lines of code.

The video shows the devkit but it is the same for the phone. Please excuse the low video quality.

After adding proximity sensor-support to -sensor-proxy ( and adding runtime-pm support for the chip used in the (and it's devkit) ( we can now wire it up to to fade the screen and prevent keyboard input:

just pre-ordered a Librem 5 phone 😀 , too bad it'll only ship in 6 months or so

this laptop (MNT Reform) and this phone (Purism Librem 5) have the same SoC (CPU/GPU/...), i.MX8M. and both run free and open source drivers and software. #FOSDEM2020

improper integral from 1 to +∞ of [1/x²] dx = ?

improper integral from 1 to +∞ of [1/x] dx = ?

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