My First Keyboard/Static Detector 😂
Any idea what I did wrong?

New HackersGame video about using a Linux box to control more than one 3d printer:

Some groundwork for in paved the way to fix touch and tablet output mapping so you can e.g. use your nexdock's touch screen as well with . I also made single output mode a bit more useful/robust. MRs are posted:

Chris Talbot aka @kop316 plays a huge part in getting MMS support into modern mobile Linux distributions. ✉️ 🚀 📱

In the #postmarketOSpodcast interview, he talks about:

* #mmsd-tng
* #vvd
* #phosh antispam
* his ska punk band
* @mobian
* @purism #librem5
* @PINE64 #pinephone.

...and here's the same thing using . Needs more work and polishing but just to give an idea. It works pretty well with thumb only too but that's hard to record.

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I'm proud to be part of the Purism team. Changing the world for the better!
Long live the

Instead of I'm using a test client to hack on 's gesture support. The red bar basically maps to phosh's top-panel. Red meaning `folded`, green `moving` and blue `unfolded`. The first prereqs for this are already merged and I hope to submit more over the next weeks. Animations need more work as does cancelation, etc but it's moving forward. The way it's implemented works for other kinds of gestures too and also for mouse and laptop touchpad gestures.

Not sure why but seems to now need a network while moving modems. my 192.168.0.X did not work, but sprang to life the moment the LAN was switched.

Made a GPL penny pincher puzzle box. Reminds me of being a kid again.

Working on controlling a drone with the Librem 5. Today I figured out how to stream video from a Skydroid 5.8Ghz OTG Receiver.
`guvcview -d /dev/video3 -g none`

Playing around with theming on the Librem 5:
tar -xvf ./purple_gnu.tar -C ~/.config/gtk-3.0/
rm ./purple_gnu.tar
sudo systemctl restart phosh

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