Librem 5 Laptop Mode

"The Librem 5 can now change from factors easily. Connect it to a powered USB-C dock to enable desktop mode. Or connect it to a laptop dock to turn your phone into a fully working laptop."

@purism @KekunPlazas that does look exciting! Any lapdock model to recommend?

@thibaultamartin @purism @KekunPlazas The NexDock Touch is the only option I'm aware of that's currently available where I am (US). It's not perfect (the touchpad on both it and the NexDock 2 is notoriously awful and pretends to be a mouse instead of actually presenting itself to the OS as a touchpad) but so far it's all we've got.

In South Korea there's the KT Flipbook, but I haven't found a way to buy it from here.

First company to make one with a decent touchpad gets my money instantly.

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