Hear from Todd Weaver (@todd), Purism’s CEO and Founder, featured in CNBC. In 2014 started Purism, a Social Purpose Company with a clear vision to respect freedom, security and privacy. Read how Purism is advancing Made in USA electronics➡️

@purism How are the European versions doing? I still wait patiently for my #Librem5 to finally arrive here.

@roland @purism Got mine this week (after 4 years). It runs. Kind of. From a normal user's view the system/software is pathetic and pretty useless for daily use. Still for the geeks it's probably interesting. I gave up more or less immediately to use it as replacement for my phone, but haven't had the time to check out if it can serve in convergence mode as a small replacement for a computer. #librem5

@gegenglueck @purism Well, then that would be my only phone I will have. :-( I have a small cellphone (yes, not wish-o-phone aka. "smart" phone) here will only SMS, calls and some contact list which would be totally enough to do with a mobile phone. Why I still want another one like this one (I also own a #GTA04A4 and I'm not happy with it) is that I like the idea behind it. And I hope I can run #StreetComplete again on it. #OpenStreetMap

@roland @purism Calls & SMS probably work out of the box (not my use case), but the standard adressbook/calender isn't able to sync with WebDAV/card. First checks with GPS are ok for orientation, but useless for #streetcomplete … there are no apps for that anyway. So finding a way to run Androidapps seems important … Still, I'm just beginning with #librem5 (and may sum up my experiences later).

@purism @todd I remember when "we", that is Ericsson, had a big mobile phone factory in Kumla, Sweden.

@todd @purism I'm also interested in information concerning the ordered phones. I have ordered at the crowndfunding campaign (5th oct 2017) and paid later (2018 or 2019).
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