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I finally got a #librem5 phone not so expensive on #leboncoin (470€)
I tested #PureoOS yesterday and now i test #postmarketos installed in 128Go sdcard.
Tomorrow, i will try #mobian
I am verry happy to found this smartphone

@purism YO! I did a long command and my screen fell asleep and it gave me a notification my nmap command finished running this is SICK! Really loving this Purism Librem 5. Neither #android nor #ios just pure #linux #opensource
#infosec #cybersecurity #cellphone #review

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Doing my initial tinkering of the @purism Librem 5 phone and WOW. I am impressed it’s truly full #Linux I just installed @element using apt out the box. Their official instructions! Taking the phone apart as well and thoroughly impressed
#cellphone #infosec #cybersecurity #review #privacy

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I'm sure there's a tendency to always view the past as better, but the social-media-ification of the Internet has really sucked a lot of the joy out of entertaining people. When it was peripheral to the broader Internet, you spent most of your time making stuff. Now you gotta learn 8 to 12 platforms that mostly want you to act like an employee of their algorithm.

I've been rewriting my script, and decided to make a series of shorts instead one longer film. The first film will tackle more serious stuff. Keep fingers crossed that it gets funded, or you can always support me through ko-fi.

Here are some new mockups I made for the storyboard.

Hope your day goes well, I am resting today ❤️

#shortfilm #animation #stopmotion #mastoart

"#Unity isn't a game engine. It's a advertising and malware network that merged with a popular game engine as a delivery channel and now wears its corpse as its skin"


You get a completely free operating system, please support us in developing it with detailed
reports rather than pushing end user support upstream.

At the very minimum check with the communities upfront how to best interact and supply them with hardware.

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Dear @junocomputers if you sell computers and use Free Software Operating systems it is not o.k. to assume you can free ride on community support.

It makes me sad to have mails from users in my inbox that are stuck with an unusable device on a Sunday and are seeking help to get it going again. This is your job.

Please listen to your customer's issue. If it's a software issue in the latest upstream version forward it with a good description.

Screenshot is from

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Thanks to everyone for a great reboot of All Systems Go!
We can't share all the great discussions in the hallway track but we can share all the talks here:

Many thanks to the @c3voc team and especially @danimo for streaming the conference an releasing the talks before we could even leave the venue.

The thing is, people's mental health doesn't go away by making everything expensive and more difficult to access. The drug abusers who don't have ADHD and just want to stay up all night aren't by-and-large the ones going through these processes. Their dealers are more readily available and ask fewer questions, and more likely, they move on to far more addictive substances (meth, etc). The expense and red tape in our system serve as a lock to keep honest people out.

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Librem 5 is now $999 (a $300 Savings)! Due primarily to the overwhelming demand for the Librem 5, we were able to lower our component costs and are now able to pass that savings onto new customers.

One other thing is that developers are rightly mad at Unity.

However, all gamers should also be *extremely* mad at Unity because the only way they can enforce their proposed license is carefully tracking user behavior in a deeply invasive way.

unlike google chrome, at least bonzi buddy gave you a dancing monkey in return for running malware that tracked your every move

Unity-inspired attention on Godot 

alternatives to unity 

Reminder that availability & porting of any open-source engine to consoles is only less evident because consoles manufacturers decided their _API_ was sacred & unique & under NDA. First console manufacturer who opens up will see 100+ custom engines avail within a month.

Actually, big thanks to #Unity for elegantly demonstrating a huge part of the risk model of proprietary software.

Multiple Render Targets are working - finally. Took me some time to "see" the missing register write in the cmd stream dump.

#etnaviv #mesa3d

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