Dear @junocomputers if you sell computers and use Free Software Operating systems it is not o.k. to assume you can free ride on community support.

It makes me sad to have mails from users in my inbox that are stuck with an unusable device on a Sunday and are seeking help to get it going again. This is your job.

Please listen to your customer's issue. If it's a software issue in the latest upstream version forward it with a good description.

Screenshot is from

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You get a completely free operating system, please support us in developing it with detailed
reports rather than pushing end user support upstream.

At the very minimum check with the communities upfront how to best interact and supply them with hardware.

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@agx @junocomputers

Are they not donating or contributing to the development?

@katemason @junocomputers Not in the communities I'm aware of. But even when you do contribute upstream you should have product support and not expect the upstream projects to handle that for you.

@agx @junocomputers why do I suspect this is some cheapo tablet that they’re over charging for

@Dragon @junocomputers I thinks it's fine to charge for the fact that you need to make adaptions to run Linux fine. It's also fine to charge because you offer product support (including the software you put on it).

I really like to see well supported Linux first devices, that's why I think it's important to get this right. Otherwise we'll stay stuck in the "only for geeks" corner.

@agx @junocomputers this is really shit... I feel like there is going to be a up take in this sort of behavior.

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