@kyle Thanks for sharing. I brewed once with one of those starter kits in a plastic bucket. The beer was ok ;)
I guess yours will be outstanding.

@dos Thanks for keeping us updated. Also for the informative comments over at reddit!

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I've collected some hacks from our kernel team and tested the idle time on battery on my Librem 5 Birch - got almost exactly 6 hours while staying at 38°C the whole time. Not that long ago it struggled to reach 3h and stay under 60°C - and they're not done yet! :D

@kyle seems you like your new phone. Thanks for sharing your first impressions.
Why would you want to host nextcloud on it? Also, considering the additional power consumption.

@lunduke standard phone stuff... The rest we know is going to work somehow.


Why is manjaro so awesome?
I switched to manjaro a few months ago (had problems with my display under debian).
It just works; no problems whatsoever. The package manager is great: Finding and installing new applications is so easy. Needed dependencies can be installed alongside. Available updates will be displayed (no apt-get update)...etc.
Additionally, gnome looks great on manjaro. Just loving it!

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Shout-out and thank you to HackersGame for the thorough and in-depth Librem 5 videos covering a wide range of topics, we are a subscriber and fan :) youtube.com/channel/UCIVaIdjtr

@kyle "and would inform customers if there was a threat." Wow, seriously? How much more of a threat can there be? And there will be no consequences, right? Back to business - as usual. This makes me angry!

@purism So this means shipping starts as well?!
"Preorder special pricing ($649) ends when general availability and shipping begins."

@zachdecook @purism Of course it works with your fingers but do you want a hand blocking the screen during the videos?

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@mooshoe@fosstodon.org @purism Free not gratis. If it would be completly free they could just fork it...

@mooshoe@fosstodon.org @purism Well, with fully free software this couldn't have happened. It shows Android is only partially opensource and Google has a monopoly with their closed source appstore (besides Apple).

@lunduke How did FOSS change during the last 5 years?

"3 years ago WhatsApp announced they implemented end-to-end encryption.
WhatsApp didn’t tell its users that when backed up, messages are no longer protected by end-to-end encryption."

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