I've collected some hacks from our kernel team and tested the idle time on battery on my Librem 5 Birch - got almost exactly 6 hours while staying at 38°C the whole time. Not that long ago it struggled to reach 3h and stay under 60°C - and they're not done yet! :D

That's with the screen, modem, WiFi and USB off. Modem probably wouldn't influence it that much though.

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Oh, and that's of course on the 2000mAh battery. The final model is going to have a 3600mAh one :)

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@dos Do you know where the majority of the power goes in idle?

@solarkraft Lots of various things were being tackled recently, like voltage scaling or GPU not turning off when unused. USB seems to be quite a power hog for some reason, and we still don't even suspend the CPU there.

I'm not an EE though, just a high-level software guy that likes to try all the new shiny unfinished stuff, so no idea on the details ;)

@dos Thanks for keeping us updated. Also for the informative comments over at reddit!

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