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How funny is that: cross-compiled the first time. Kernel for my is working. I'll have to see if a merge request to include btusb by default is accepted in its repo...

Fast alle Samen meiner Vorzucht sind aufgegangen. Ich habe die Sprößlinge in Töpfe eingepflanzt, die ich - Danke für den Tipp @Easydor - zum Teil vom Friedhof geholt hatte. Nun stehen sie in dicht an dicht auf einem Rollwagen, damit ich sie langsam an das Sonnenlicht gewöhnen kann.

To give a impression of the camera of the I posted a resized (60%) version taken from a window above the plants and the cutout from that picture with the original size.

Just tested "drawing" on my in mode and found it quiet usable. In there is a package that can be installed.

Suddenly !

Let's see if I can't avoid the red blinking led on my when it is docked and charging.

It charged from 90% to full and the led didn't start blinking even though I used the L5 docked during that time.

I think I do have to record the temperatures over time the next time I charge and use.

Room temperature is at 23.8°C.

Another nice feature: I can switch off the screen (N360) without cutting the power to the .

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Switched from to . Just great! Notifications work on the even though there are still problems with the sound themes. Seems to be stable and reliable for the first few days. The only thing I didn't find out, yet: Can't reach the context menu for messages (e.g. "reply" or "react" when using the touchscreen.

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Ouch, droped my . Luckily it barely got scratched on the metal frame. Still got to repair the edge of the tile it droped on....

Found my desktop setup for my .

Problem had been that the L5 did discharge while connected to the , because the N360 only delivers around 5W of power to the connected device.

This is fine if both devices are used on battery and discharge this way.

But I wanted to be able to use the L5 while charging.

Yeah, one point on my todo list for Librem5 using done 😃

Looking for information and a way to improve the situation I found that the can only deliver 5W 5V/1A which isn't enough to run the . For comfortable headroom for charging I would need 3A. Using a usb-c dock with hdmi and usb-c (keyboard/touchpad) connection to the N360 seems to work and keeps at least the charging level of the Librem5.

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The Alpha-feature in on the does not support verification, yet, and didn't work reliably enough for me. I started testing a fork of and found it working well so far.

After some days using the with the matte display foil I found that in bright dayligth the screen is less readable than without the foil.

Maybe I'll have to switch to a glossy one...

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Configured today on my - thanks to @geary for the software (seems to be the only) that adapts so well to the small screen.

Just would wish I'd find a way to not show all folders or at least disable notification for some of them.

I'd love to have notification only for my incoming, but not e.g. for a folder receives all the messages from git repositories I subscribed to...

BTW: cut these pictures to size using gimp on the . Gimp is not entirely usable as it installs without modifications.
But it looks good enough for simple modifications and probably can be improved a lot if some of the plugins I'd not use anyway would be removed to save memory.

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Here are two pictures of the witht the "Matte" display foil installed.
It is obvious that the foil reduces the glare a lot when compared side by side with the bare display of the .

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Received the screen protection foils I ordered for my .
After unpacking I've been sceptical, because all of them were slightly bent.
Tried the "matte" version and installation went smooth.
Just couldn't iron out one little error at the edge of the foil.

As far as I could find out my does not deliver enough power to the to keep it running and charge it at the same time.

The N360 delivers about 5V/1A which isn't enough - battery goes down by ~3%/hour when the L5 is idle, screen on.

On the road this doesn't matter, because both batteries discharge, but on the desk I'd love to see the L5 charging while I use it docket to the N360.

Would be worth buying a kind of power injector to the usb-c connection if that only existed...

showing my desktop when the is docked to the .

This way the phone is usable like any . Performance is fine for most tasks. Didn't try things like , or , yet.

Didn't have to `root` the phone to get a root prompt or to dock it this way. It's just part of its functionality. Instead of `rooting` as way to use my device freely as I want and control my data I can now just alter open source software, program, improve.

Started using my as my main phone. Taking the first call I received I first had to enable the micro by the hardware kill switch before the person on the other end could hear me. Gotta remember to do so when wanting to talk on the phone...

Writing this on the connected to the . Primary display is the nexdock, secondary the l5. This seems to be a lot more stable.
Had an update on the l5 () and during reboot I could enter the pin for disk decryption on the nexdock and the nexdock showed a librem5 logo.
When the l5 entered screen lock the nexdock got disconnected and the terminal running on the nexdock screen got closed - which I didn't expect.

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