Found my desktop setup for my .

Problem had been that the L5 did discharge while connected to the , because the N360 only delivers around 5W of power to the connected device.

This is fine if both devices are used on battery and discharge this way.

But I wanted to be able to use the L5 while charging.

Yeah, one point on my todo list for Librem5 using done 😃

Another nice feature: I can switch off the screen (N360) without cutting the power to the .

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Since my last toot about my /#Nexdock360 convergence setup I found that the hdmi connection between the usb-c dock and the N360 is unstable. I changed the hdmi cable twice until now (even a Lindy cable didn't work) and removed the 90° usb-c adapter I used to connect the dock. To still be able to connect usb-c to the L5 I reattached the magnetic holder on the N360 on the upper border of the screen. Since then I didn't have any hdmi disconnects.

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I'm sorry, I really could'nt say. Bought the L5 second hand for ~700€, pre-ordered some kind of Nexdock they couldn't deliver and had to pay some more for an upgrade to Nexdock360 and again for shipping and again for import tax (maybe ~300€ alltogether). The usb-dock has been around 50€. Holder and usb-90°-adapter around 30€. All that stuff arrived during several month of time while working my way towards what I wanted.

A netbook or notebook is cheaper.

thank. for shipping 300 € is much. it is bad for freedom we have to pay double price of product. if 64 gb. ram cost 800 euros people's pay 1600 euros. because it use freedom software. If they use it nobody know. but question is it exist but inhuman is it cost double price. internet is full with lies. how much
week you buy smartphone of laptop. but for smartphone it cost much money. and how is man


Ups, I made myself not clear: 300€ is the price I estimated for the Nexdock360 including shipping. I wouldn't pay 300€ to ship any electronic device...


Well, I like it a lot. But if you compare all that to an Android or iOS device like some people do it doesn't make any sense. You get open hardware and software you can control yourself. You're not paying for anything with your data, you're outside the system of surveillance capitalism.

So you need to pay with money or contribution for your device and the services you'd like to use. I like it a lot.

@chrichri that looks like a typical Macbook setup, haha. Im surprised to learn that the nexdock only charges at 5W, that's too little even for more energy efficient Android phones


Yes, the 5W is really very little and considering that a cheap usb-c dock can deliver a lot more I think it is a real design flaw in the .

On the other hand: when running on battery maybe it is o.k. to limit the power output to have a better usetime in total. No use if the phone is full and the N360 empty.

But still, this could just change when external power is connected to the Nexdock.

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