So excited for @purism Librem 5 phone. I can't wait!

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One of the fundamental design goals for Librem One, outside of privacy, was linking all of our services under a single convenient login.

One account for:
- Email
- Social
- Chat
- VoIP & Video

As an open source community, we should all build one another up instead of tearing each other down. Differences aside, we all have the same common goal. Don't you agree @lunduke @gbryant

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One price. One account.

- Encrypted email
- Encrypted chat (+voice & video)
- Social Network

No ads. No tracking. The way it should be.

I hope more people start seeing how important it is to protect our privacy.

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Curious about the policies for Librem.One services (Chat, Social, etc.)?

- No Ads.
- No Tracking.
- We don't share or sell any of your data.
- We do not build profiles.
- We release all of our source code as Free Software.

More details here:

I really like @purism and what they stand for. I think they really hit the mark.

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Introducing the new Librem Mail.

- End-to-end encrypted email.
- No advertising.
- No tracking.
- Free Software.

Part of the privacy and security respecting Librem One suite.

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"Most people want to retain their privacy and freedom and most people are concerned about their digital footprint. Most people do not want to be tracked all the time from all devices."

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So much drama in the SPC
It's kinda hard being T-O-double-D
But, he, somehow, someway, keeps on comin' up with Librem hardware every single day

He's got coders in the chat room buildin' a phone
They ain't leavin' till 6 in the morn (PST)
Now we gonna pick a license for this. GNU's up, closed's down while you other developers code to this.

Rollin' down the street, writin' free code, licensed for GNU, laid back, with my mind on the Librem and the Librem on my mind.

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"At Purism we will continue to work with, advance, partner, fund, push upstream, and most importantly release all our software under free software licenses."

Librem Social

Librem Social is an opt-in public network. Messages are shared under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license terms. Policy.

Stay safe. Please abide by our code of conduct.

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