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So much drama in the SPC
It's kinda hard being T-O-double-D
But, he, somehow, someway, keeps on comin' up with Librem hardware every single day

He's got coders in the chat room buildin' a phone
They ain't leavin' till 6 in the morn (PST)
Now we gonna pick a license for this. GNU's up, closed's down while you other developers code to this.

Rollin' down the street, writin' free code, licensed for GNU, laid back, with my mind on the Librem and the Librem on my mind.

They call me GNU thug
I got a license to debug
On the forbidden fruit
Known as pureboot
You don’t hear the curses
If you’ve got a special purpose
The crew, T-bone n’ Kyle
Watching the code compile

It took me far to long to realize that you were making a clever rap about @todd and not talking about general working conditions at purism 😅

@springbov @kyle @todd this is a backhanded way to talk about general working conditions at @purism so you're actually much more correct than you know.

@springbov @todd I write song parodies like this a few times a week at work for fun. This one I wrote a few months ago and I thought with the 500 char limit in Mastodon it would be fun to start posting some of them every so often.

If you have any requests let me know!

since you think it's okay to joke about serious issues publicly in rap form, here's my take:

With so much ego in Purism SPC
It's kinda hard being anyone who sees
Somehow, someway
Librem products deliver
unfinished and on delay

We got comments in the chat room
Wishing for a phone
But they ain't got nothing but Librem One

Now we gotta pick a license for this
Nah forget the license just ship it unfinished

Rollin down the street
Rebranding FOSS code
Letting contractors loose...

@kyle characterizing the last week+ at Purism as "so much drama" is hurtful to more than just me. Whether or not you try to dial back that tonedeaf message now as a coincidence.

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