"Most people want to retain their privacy and freedom and most people are concerned about their digital footprint. Most people do not want to be tracked all the time from all devices."

Unfortunately, i rather think that most of people don't give a damn about privacy because they have «nothing to hide».

@Stem @purism having nothing to hide doesn´t mean you want anyone to just sell your data and create user profiles without you knowing about it.
As a user i just want to control how my data is handled, instead of some company doing it for me.
I never asked for "targeted ads", since I dislike ads in the first place. A whole company running of ad revenue and selling user profiles just seems off, and shouldn´t be mareketed as "free" just because they don´t charge money.

@vancha @purism I was talking about many persons who knows my librists convictions. They make fun of it because according them, i pretend to be a «secret agent».

@Stem @purism That should be your right :)
If people want to poke fun at that, I hope they will enjoy living in the future police state they are helping to build.

@purism Most (everyone) I know couldn't care less about being tracked and data mined. They argue that they got nothing to hide and that it's just algorithms spying on them not people. Any resources for converting the nonbelievers in our lives?

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