So far you had to pull out 's top and bottom bar quiet a bit to make it unfold. That's kind of o.k. on 📱 like the or but can be cumbersome on larger phones like the or tablets like the . I've put out an MR for which adds a fling so you can also fold/unfold with a fast swipe. Here's a short video demoing this for different screen sizes:

@agx This way of presenting features with BGM is nice!

@agx Thanks, this was one of my (minor) complaints.

@agx any cool features for tablets coming in the pipeline? One issue that I have is if you have the tablet landscape the numpad for entering your passcode gets cut off a little.

@ahoneybun You can tweak the scale in phoc.ini. We're currently working out whether we fix the default scale or try to accomodate for less vertical space. Can you please add your device to ?

@agx awesome stuff! That will make the phosh experience feel so much smoother!

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