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I usually publish an update on my gemini capsule on the 22nd each month, but it'll be late this month. Exciting stuff though with a wvkbd and work on suggpicker: a new suggestions selector to complement the keyboard.

If you've been exposed to Moxie Marlinkspike frequent rants about how people are dumb and lazy and we should have centralized systems for their happiness, André Staltz wrote a very good counterpoint (from @makeworld )

Sxmo 1.7.0 was just released, featuring most of all lots of fixes and small improvements that should make daily usage easier. Thanks to the many contributors!

Release & upgrade notes:

#sxmo #pinephone

Saw this comment about theme flat design that rings true:

> changing buttons to be plain icons means removing crucially important contrast between elements and weakening visual cues to the user that things are clickable. In effect it makes it harder for the brain to “parse” the interface the person is looking at and leads to users having a harder time navigating the interface

(Personally, I think icon-only buttons are a necessary evil for mobile)

My status update: and changes (seen here first), better mobile support in IRC, 3.15 upgrade experience.

Trying out #deltachat because it makes sense to me (even if I don't understand the inner workings), being a heavy email user myself. Also avoids problem of convincing people to adopt something new in order to be useful.

I understand the chats are kept separately from your emails, which I like because I was concerned that short chat messages would clutter up my email folders.


Preparing another patch for the swipe-typing keyboard ( on on the )

Any thoughts on the color choice? @postmarketOS

Upgraded my server to 3.15, with a new release of and ...

Had issues with the postgresql upgrade, but (thankfully?) alpine still supports the older version, so I can cross the bridge at some later point.

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Started setting up an server ( ). Next steps: figure out/fix auto encryption in , allow attachments, store 1 week of message history. And for the later future: figure out audio/video calling? (From what I've read, we can do that without )

In defense of apps: Create an experience! Use existing software! Make it work according your own desires, but give others the ability to easily try it out.

IDK if that's a good philosophy, but I might try it.

Can you imagine how many years of email admin lives would be saved and how simpler their lives would be if people simply did not send emails to and ????

google and microsoft are like two of the biggest offenders when it comes to email, bullying smaller services. And yet every email sysadmin has to work to comply with google and MS rules.

does anyone have a broken DSi or 3DS, or a Wii Fit U Meter they'd be willing to donate? or just anything that has a 78k0, 78K0R or RL78 chip

"broken" being the screen hinge broke, a badly corrupted flash, etc, it still kinda needs to boot

context: I'm trying to get the firmware out of the DSi BPTWL chip and maybe also the 3DS MCU, and also the fit meter because why not, as these are very similar chips. except they all differ in small ways in their in-circuit flashing interface and bootrom (which implements the former) so that I need to sample a number of them. also the RL78 debug interface has been semidocumented by fail0verflow and I want to try to expand that to the other chip types. access to this debug interface, even when disabled by the firmware, would make it much easier to recover the flash using voltage glitching (lower complexity exploit)

yes I know the 3DS MCU firmware has been obtained already but that chip is in the middle between the 78k0 and RL78, making it useful

I broke my install on my (maybe because of enabling/disabling testing repo on edge? (not stable)), and... I don't miss it that much. Performance was always dodgy. Important sites (like 's 'create repo' page) work fine in .

Dear everyone, don't use . They don't play nice with other email providers: I've been unable to send anything to a gmail address in the last week, and there's seemingly nothing I or the would-be recipient can do to remedy this situation.

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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