Dear everyone, don't use . They don't play nice with other email providers: I've been unable to send anything to a gmail address in the last week, and there's seemingly nothing I or the would-be recipient can do to remedy this situation.

@zachdecook you can replace Gmail with Hotmail, yahoo.. any of them! There is no solution to email.

@randomdent @zachdecook well perhaps a little sarcasm.. but I've never seen any email provider that didn't have a delivery problem at some point and once you have gone over scale of a few thousand mailboxes what's the difference?

@randomdent @zachdecook anyway.. if I've got nothing good to say I should shut up! Yes there are alternatives to Gmail, and it's good that they exist and more people should use them.

@zachdecook Have you done all the DNS acrobatics that Google demands?

@zachdecook @FreePietje back in 2016 I wrote up how I left Gmail, and what I replaced it with. Currently I usually suggest protonmail to people (which I also use).

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