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Day 4 of on the
It's really cool that I can compile full apps directly on this device.
I'm gonna move my sim card back because I need stability, and the constant crashing doesn't give that; I missed my first phone call.
If the tethering worked, I might have kept my sim in there a while longer, because of Google Voice WiFi calling on android device.

Checking `last` indicates it's been crashing about every hour.

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What I don't get is why it shuts itself off at 70-80% battery, but seems to stay on fine if I leave it plugged in. ๐Ÿ˜ก It must be a software thing. Maybe I'll try next.

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Day 3 using on the
Installed geary mail (geary-mobile 1: on manjaro).
While libhandy things look friendly, kirigami apps are more pleasant to use b/c reachability, gestures instead of clicks. Convergence is a great idea to re-use existing code, but intentional design is better.
Phone still shuts itself off randomly, sometimes flashlight flickers on when manually starting (restarting?). The negativity is amplified by the system taking like a minute to boot.

Along with the wallpaper reverting, the home screen app layout also frequently resets. (Do any of the developers actually use this system as a daily driver?).

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Day 2 using on the
Most used text 'editor' is `cat - > filename.txt`, followed by the text, then 'cancel current command' from the โ‹ฎ menu. Should I learn a GUI text editor, or learn ed?
Changed my wallpaper (but it keeps switching back). Couldn't figure how to change lockscreen bg.
Wi-Fi hotspot setting doesn't work: can't connect to its network (with dhcp or defined ip)
Why does this phone always turn itself on and off? I see nothing in battery settings.

Day 1.5 of using on
The default ringtone for my alarm was nothing :/
Set up aerc to read emails in the terminal... difficult. Oughtn't there be a default installed email client on a smartphone?
Sms messages are dethreaded in due to missing country code in contacts.
Unreceived MMS with no notification or indication.
Haven't figured out how to get nextcloud caldav into
Installed from discover. It's unusable b/c keyboard doesn't pop up.

Day 1 of using on the :
Can send/receive sms and phone calls!
Wow, that keyboard is so broken. Haven't yet figured out how to fix Ctrl so I can press Ctrl+S in nano.
That's gonna make development very difficult. (May just use termux ssh from android device) Do I need to install a different virtual keyboard?

I've been cross-posting almost-daily content to and gemini://

The gemini site looks better. (Content is mostly subset of gemtext/markdown). How should I share with friends? Convince ppl to get a gemini client? My gemini client?

After a decade of waffling I finally started using NoScript. It's interesting. I mostly allow scripts, but make myself do so manually. And it's interesting to be aware of javascript usage on different sites. Like a geiger counter.

There was a post on gemini lately about how we shouldn't use โ“’โ“”โ“กโ“ฃโ“โ“˜โ“ sแด›ส€แด€ษดษขแด‡ ๐’ธ๐’ฝ๐’ถ๐“‡๐’ถ๐’ธ๐“‰๐‘’๐“‡๐“ˆ in our writing because . My hot take is that as long as the characters being used aren't used improperly (accents/foreign characters), we should just fix our TTS software to pronounce things as the author intended.

I used an iPhone for 3 days 

I configured to use emojis for the clock time stamp. In related news: does anybody know how I can go about contributing my code change upstream to โ€™s stdlib?

@technomancy @mdhughes @GeoffWozniak Thing is, there isn't always an alternative to C. If you want to target unpopular OSes and architectures in constrained environments, "modern" langs like Rust won't work.

If you know a lang that can produce small + fast binaries for a vast array of non-mainstream platforms (x86, ARM, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and Windows are the mainstream ones), I'm all ears.

There are three reasons why C works on just about every platform under the Sun:

1. It's standardized, which makes writing a new compiler/backend much easier.
2. It's slow-moving, which makes it easy to maintain said compilers
3. It's old, so it has a lot of compilers/backends already built.

Achieving the first two of the above three qualities are quite essential to "replace" C.

Was thinking about how so much content on gemini is mirrored or converted from other sites (I'm guilty of this too). Isn't this why the protocol allowed for proxy requests? Maybe it's a client-capability problem. Anyway, started working on a proxy from to .

I want to learn awk so I can do cool efficient text pipeliney things (like start printing on match, stop printing on another match, or run such and such command on a subset of the stream), but everytime I look at a tutorial for it, I think "these aren't practical" or "this makes no sense".

Hypothesis: posts that are outliers in engagement metrics (comments, score, etc) are more likely to be low quality/controversial/damaging to communities.

Mini-project B from this week: Grande: a gemini client for Android (open source fork of a different client). Don't fall in love with it yet: I'll probably make lots of disruptive changes. Read about and download ... on gemini.


Thinking about building a command line tool to create pngs of music notation so I can write about music theory on my wiki. Playing with @neauoire's nasu as a way to generate the sprites I'll be using.

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