Day 2 using on the
Most used text 'editor' is `cat - > filename.txt`, followed by the text, then 'cancel current command' from the ⋮ menu. Should I learn a GUI text editor, or learn ed?
Changed my wallpaper (but it keeps switching back). Couldn't figure how to change lockscreen bg.
Wi-Fi hotspot setting doesn't work: can't connect to its network (with dhcp or defined ip)
Why does this phone always turn itself on and off? I see nothing in battery settings.

Along with the wallpaper reverting, the home screen app layout also frequently resets. (Do any of the developers actually use this system as a daily driver?).

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I imagine that could be some crash recovery feature...

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@zachdecook I use Vim, btw. 😀

(I only use a fraction of its features, but arguably only core vi features are really worth learning and necessary. I actually learned to use these while I was messing around with OpenWRT routers and realized that installing Nano everywhere was cumbersome and did take valuable disk space, while vi was always preinstalled.)

@linmob as a dvorak keyboard user, I've never liked the hjkl navigation provided by vim (it's like it was designed exclusively for qwerty users). I guess the @plasmamobile developers also use vim instead of nano/emacs, because the escape key works on their keyboard, and not ctrl.

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