Day 1.5 of using on
The default ringtone for my alarm was nothing :/
Set up aerc to read emails in the terminal... difficult. Oughtn't there be a default installed email client on a smartphone?
Sms messages are dethreaded in due to missing country code in contacts.
Unreceived MMS with no notification or indication.
Haven't figured out how to get nextcloud caldav into
Installed from discover. It's unusable b/c keyboard doesn't pop up.

@zachdecook You could just install geary (or if the version in Manjaro is not new enough (< 40) geary-mobile). That's currently your best bet, although a mail client for Plasma Mobile is in the works, see

@zachdecook Regarding Calindori: Sync is not implemented yet afaik, you could try this workaround:

MMS.. is a world of pain, that gladly never got widely used in my coutry, so I can't really help.

For Gemini, try Castor ( maybe? It's on the AUR (read for enabling the AUR (you should not need the swap/zram part on Manjaro).

And if you are looking for apps, check out

@linmob Nice, I'll try that (I'm already a fan of vdirsyncer, just it's hard to configure, especially without a text editor... I guess I could learn to use Nota, the GUI text editor it ships with)

@linmob thanks for pointing me to that! I'll have to follow them. I'm discovering more and more that plasma is trying to produce a specific designed experience (like ubuntu touch tried), so me trying to make my existing workflows/processes work inside it is not really what it was designed for.


I think this is it, but no readme or build instructions (getting ECM warning, despite having extra-cmake-modules)... and no license. So I guess that's something to wait and see? Or is the @plasmamobile team pretty big on Free Software?

@zachdecook @plasmamobile Yeah, it's something to wait and see. They are big on free software, but sometimes choosing the legally appropriate license when you are based on a variety of components is not _that_ easy I guess.

I had issues with plasma and have been comparatively been more imporessed with #mobian
If your phone goes off and you don't hear anything, you may need to adjust the volume. This may also have to be done in alsamixer instead of using the vol buttons as there's still configuration that may need to be personalized.

Did you set up your pinephone to receive MMS? It often does not come by default until set up.

I haven't had any keyboard issues with Mobian. I would recommend avoiding trying to use gnome though- as it didn't resize well on it when I tried.

@lucifargundam I haven't done anything to set it up for MMS. The plasma settings pages for modem and sim card don't seem to have anything in them.

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