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What if I told you we could give your site a dark theme just by **deleting** a few lines of CSS.

CSS normalization is where you tell your users that you don't care about their preferences.
`@media prefers-color-scheme` says "we care about some preferences... iff your browser/OS is new enough"


820ms, 50 KiB


4030ms, 4400 KiB

Also GitLab:

question: Is there a need for black-and-white ?
Do any existing vendors provide satisfactory monotone glyphs?

Waiting for unicode-based output to devour fontawesome (and similar). For accessibility purposes. defines some ui-element glyphs in the private-use area:

Maybe some of these should move to become part of the standard?

Recently discovered , a completed emoji font project.
I don't think I'll retire yet though: emoji-font design should be accessible to the masses, and I still believe composing them from multiple semantically-named files enhances the process.

Spent some time this evening working on [Otter](, a free content management framework for laravel (PHP framework). It's promising, but currently leans heavily on a vue.js frontend... for now...

Idea: NFC receipts as an alternative to paper receipts

I don't want to give you my email address, but you encode the receipt data onto an NFC pad I can tap my phone to, we can save paper without giving you that oh-so-tasty data

Years ago, I had this cheap $10 "gaming" mouse I bought maybe on ebay or dealextreme. It was perfect: shaped well, no weird, sticky texture. I lost it (maybe left at a friends house) and never saw it again. Tried to buy one online, but I think the model was discontinued. I'd like to get a good mouse for work: Does anyone have any mouse recommendations?

Contributing to someone's open source projects is the most sincere form of flattery.

How did you improve your privacy and security in 2019? What are you looking to do more of in 2020?

Call for reviewers 

Latest thought on being at 50/3019 : could machine learning be used for feature detection on existing emoji fonts to influence emoji representation? Would definitions (like [this] generated from other fonts be derivative works? Have any vendors alleged infringement over similar redesigns?

It would be better if the internet were modeled off of something like Tor .onion services, where you *know* you have a secure path, because the address is literally the fingerprint of the server. "But how can I make sense of which site is which?" You guessed it, petnames

And, bookmarks *are* petnames, with a minor UI tweak

The DNS + SSL CA model puts users at risk. I hope we can move past it.

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So the government of Kazakhstan is MITM'ing all SSL'ed traffic

The way they are doing this is by adding a Certificate Authority (CA) that allows them to snoop all traffic.

This is, by the way, why SSL is criticized as being "only as secure as the weakest CA in your system". Here it's deliberate, but that's a problem in general.

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