How did you improve your privacy and security in 2019? What are you looking to do more of in 2020?

@purism 2019: Set up several machines for hosting my services by myself 2020: Being able to finally delete my G$$gle account when my librem5 arrives :) .

@purism in 2020 I hope to totally pull the plug and use almost entirely software that respects my freedoms and doesn't support big corporations

@Purism One of the big ideas for 2020 is to finally delete the Google account I needed to keep my Android phone up-to-date. Tossing Android and switching to Librem5...


@purism 2019 > Started doing more things offline and even without technology. Like leaving my iphone at home, asking people for directions and trying to remember what to buy without clouded checklist and reading real books. 2020 > Well, hopefully getting my librem5 right? ;P I will also do more to invite other people to come together in finding new ways to fight surveillance capitalism not only as individuals but even more importantly at the political level.

Moved to linux. And changed my sosial behavior. My goal for 2020 is get a fully free laptop and a much more privecy respecting phone.

@purism once I upgrade my home/servers, I'll be running all communication from there and will only tell friends and family this is how to talk to me.. As google and Facebook will be completely gone

@{} Good luck with that ;) I've been in that situation for about a year now, but it's very difficult to get people to install Riot for communication over Matrix, or have them use Hubzilla.

@hans ya I know.. I've been struggling too.. But once I ditch my android for my librem phone, that's my excuse.. Other ways will be email (my own server) or pick up the phone and call me. Good ol fashioned communication :-)

@purism I subscribed to Librem One with the goal of eventually deleting other social media and email accounts that track and surveil for profit.

@purism I've [finally] started moving off big tech ecosystems.


This year I:
- Started using different passwords for everything and using #KeePassXC.
- Switched from Gmail to #ProtonMail.
- Started using uBlock Origin on nearly every website in my browser. (I'm using Dissenter Browser's built-in tracking protection at the same time, so very little gets through.)
- Switched from Twitter to Gab.
- Deleted my Reddit account.
- Started using a VPN.
- Started using an RSS feed reader to keep track of YouTube channel uploads so I don't need to use a Google account for that.

Next year I hope to:
- Switch from Google Calendar to #ProtonCalendar (which will be released next year).
- Buy the hardware to set up my own cloud storage using #NextCloud so I can stop using Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
- Use the aforementioned self-hosted server to run a #PeerTube instance for my videos so I can stop using YouTube and get better video quality than what #BitChute supports.

Additionally, for the past couple of years, I've been switching to using mostly open-source software. I've gone from using Windows 10 to a dual-boot with #Linux to exclusively using Linux and uninstalling Windows. Now the only major software on my computer that aren't open source are games like #Minecraft.

#privacy #security

Great !! Zeb ! - How's the progress going on de-googling your life?
Wonderful summary.

@Millwood16 If I was a paying ProtonMail member, I would already be using the ProtonCalendar beta, but since I'm not, I'm still waiting for that to be released to free users after it exits beta testing.

No progress on the self-hosted cloud yet. I need to do the research to find out how exactly to approach the hardware aspect. How much RAM do I need? How powerful should the CPU be? Things like that.

Something I've been struggling a little with is trying to settle on an alternative search engine. Of course, all the decent alternatives are technically meta search engines, but I'm still not sure what I should be using.

I've heard DuckDuckGo donates to left-wing organizations, so I stopped using it. It's main draw for me initially was the "bangs" that let you quickly search from another website. (For example, you could type "!a toys" and you'd end up on the search results for toys.) Several months ago, however, I discovered that Dissenter Browser (and I thinkalso Brave and Chromium/Chrome) has a similar feature where you can set keywords to trigger using another website's search. So there was no reason left to keep using DuckDuckGo.

I tried using Toki as my default search engine for a while, but it doesn't seem to be able to pull results from the search engines it uses in some cases. I'm not sure if it's getting blocked from them or what. It's also a bit slow sometimes, which gets really annoying after a while. I wonder if they're getting too much traffic and that's causing the slowness. (It's worth noting that Toki is using the open source Searx software, which makes it one of the few open source search engines.) I might revisit it several months from now to see if they've managed to fix the issues.

I'm currently trying out StartPage... it's basically just a privacy-enhanced wrapper over Google. It seems to work better than Toki does at the moment, and though it's limited to just Google results, at least that's better than getting almost no results at all, which has been my experience with Toki lately.

My current set up:
Linux > Mint 19+ > Dissenter or Opera Browser > StartPage

I've been on my browser/ search engine journey for over a year.
For now, I'm using Gab's Dissenter browser, for the privacy & to support Gab. Gab used Brave's opensource code & then removed the tracking stuff to enhance our privacy & they also set the defaults for user privacy. I read an article that >90% of users never look at their browser privacy settings. The defaults preset with the user in mind, is a huge plus for the Dissenter browser, imo.

They need to work on a few things, which I think will happen when they get the Gab protocol built onto the Hydra back end. This move to Mastodon had some unforseen issues, like the code was unable to scale for such a large site, as Gab. So, seems like Gab staff fell back to fix the back end to enable support for all the great things coming in the months ahead. :gabby:

Like you, on search, I've migrated from Google to DDG to Toki & back to Start Page. Toki is an alt-tech site & it may take awhile to bring it to full features.

My quest was to break my 'filter bubble' & found some interesting choices:
SwissCows, Qwant, the Russian Yandex and a few others. Performing a search for a keyword/term will have different results.

Pls keep me posted on your journey, as it does indeed seem to be a moving target. I'm hopeful the Alt-Tech sites will become our future. #Alt-Tech

@purism Setup a good #firefox config, converted my work machine to #Linux, deleted my #reddit and #discord accounts and started pulling friends over to #matrix (but not, and started my website to share things about #privacy and technology.

Next year, my #Librem5 will arrive, .NET 5 will be released, allowing me to start pulling our tech stack at work over to Linux, and I want to get the last of my friends on matrix and start trying to pull them away from #facebook and into the fediverse.

FYI before you are too deep in, in terms of privacy XMPP has proven to be more reliable than matrix

@laruscontract @purism Already crossed that bridge. is a trainwreck so I try and stay distant from it and have my account elsewhere. Also my friends are privacy-blind and dragging them to yet another platform is simply not going to happen. Matrix also has a larger set of users in spaces that I care more about e.g. the KDE community is using it for a lot of communication now, as are Purism.

Not perfect no, but heuristically a no-brainer next to Discord et al.

@{} Friends are slowly adopting Riot/Matrix, most of them still use Signal too (which is fine). My family however (even the ICT nerd that is my brother) isn't moving yet. E-mail has been one of my self-hosted things since about 15 years, so no problem there. In fact, I even host a few mailboxes for other people as well.

Still waiting for #Twitter and #Facebook to finally adopt #ActivityPub so I can keep contact with people there too ;)

@purism @chris I bought a YubiKey because I was curious and I had a little extra cash on hand. I toyed with it for 5 minutes and then put it in my backpack and haven't needed it since. So, I learned that YubiKey is like GPG, yay I have a new skill! Now, put that on the shelf with all the other skills and watch it age like fine wine. Watch it get dusty.

@Bluedepth @purism It took me until about 18 months ago to really start using a Yubikey. Now I need it daily. SSH keys, GPG keys, etc are on it as well as auth to my workstations. This is the guide that finally helped them be useful for me:

@chris @purism Yubi mentioned that they can only support the login features if you buy backup YubiKeys, so since I have only one, its a no-go. Also YubiKey misled by announcing that YubiKey would be NFC compatible with iPhones. Sure, not iPhone 6, but X and so on, so since I have a 6S+, that went pfffft. So it was money wasted, but I did learn a few things. Also, learned that if you move your GPG key to a YubiKey, it's a MOVE, not a COPY. Alas, I never use my GPG keys, so whatevs on that basis as well.

@chris @purism So it was very much like I set $50 on fire. Which is fine. Cash burns so pretty. LOL. And I can firmly say that YubiKeys are not baked enough for my use. Which in the end, was what the $50 was actually buying.

@Bluedepth @purism Oye... Not sure about that login one though. I didn't buy a backup key until recently and I've been using it for login for a while. That said, yeah, the rest would be a pain. This is why the tech never gained much traction

@chris @purism Yup, but I don't think of it as a gyp. I think of it as a lesson, and the YubiKey could be useful if we end up in some sort of post-apocalyptic horrorfest where security and privacy are suddenly sexytime. LOL.

@Bluedepth @purism Right on. I'm just depressed so many others haven't been able to make it work for them either

@purism 2019: Start uding Mastodon as personal social Media, Set privacyfriendly settings on all firefox instalations, set privacyrespecting DNS-Server on my router and on the routers in my closest family.
2020: May buy a Librem 13, if it is avaible with german keyboard again.

@purism In 2019, I ordered a new phone that will help to increase my security.
In 2020, I'm hoping to receive said phone.

@purism I've migrated to a Librem 13 laptop as well as a Libretrend Wildebeest, and while I can't move completely away from Windows, have installed PureOS on my main system (via VM) and continue to migrate where and how I can. I very much look forward to the future, and the Librem 5! Also Librem One is great!


I was able to move away frim Android to Ubuntu Touch. For 2020 I plan on continuing to move my gaming to options that don't hamstring me with DRM.

2019: Started using email service (alongside gmail). Ditched 3 more commonly-used (weekly) proprietary apps on my phone. Set up a funkwhale server to help loved ones switch from proprietary music streaming.
2020: ditch Android
2021: ditch macOS
2022: delete Google Account

@purism Biggest improvement for 2019 was switching from gmail to 🇨🇭❤️ Looking forward to my in 2020!

@purism signed up for, have had conversations with many people about internet privacy. I continue to learn more about the subject and ordered a Linux phone with privacy measures built in. I've been a good boy!

@purism Getting out of the android app culture with my librem5 phone!

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