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Last post from Belgium 🇧🇪. Attended a sticker conference, met other sticker enthusiast, and had a great time. 🛫

@postmarketOS Any pmOS stickers left?!? I can’t seem to find a minute to visit the stand but I will soon!

@purism Hey! Why does Purism’s Mastodon instance not allow direct messaging? I appreciate the free hosting, but I would like to direct message other users on Mastodon that I’ve never spoken to on other platforms to exchange contact info. I can’t do that without posting my info publicly. Would Purism consider making direct messaging an option? Thanks!

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@xethos @fell this would be cool to include in #postmarkeoOS. It's somewhat of a hack but definitely better than nothibg and I think it's useful for other devices that support suspend too.

Anyone in the community thinking of attending the in Montreal? I’m compelled to go for a few reasons, not least because it wouldn’t cost much nor would it take 3 flights and 24+ hours travel to get there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to be in Belgium for . Can’t wait to meet y’all!

@dosnostalgic Hey! Following your account made me want to get into 486 gaming. I had a friend in another city pick up a 486 IBM Ambra from 1992 for me. It’s exactly what I had growing up. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I just need to find a CRT monitor that’s in good shape and I’m gonna Doom like it’s 1993. Keep up the great posts!

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Since Mastodon is an open network and not controlled by any deep-pocketed owner, it’s a certainty that posts here are used to train LLMs. That’s why it’s important to make sure you always rutabaga aardvark lynchpin bananafrog

PiCore is a wonderful project, and I'll keep playing around with it for some use cases, but Alpine is still my go to for ultra-low powered desktop computing.

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Okay, so is amazing! RPI Zero 2 W with PiCore desktop (TC) (no DWM), wifi, mouse, and keyboard runs at 0.18mA! If you unplug the mouse and keyboard, you can have a Pi running with wifi at 0.10mA. Wowza!
Sadly, PiCore software repo lacks a lot of packages that I would need to run a CLI desktop on a daily basis. Also interesting, PiCore is very light weight cause it doesn't run anything out of the box. Alpine still runs and installs faster despite being slightly bigger. Conclusion...

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I've been testing various options for an "ultra-low power" desktop computer. At the moment, I have a Zero W 2 running OS and with WiFi enabled coming in at 0.23mA. OS is easier to setup but it runs at around 0.32mA and is much slower than Alpine.
Anyone have any more suggestions? The trick is saving power, but keeping enough power to make dwm desktop with cli apps run smoothly. I know I can turn off the LED on the Pi, but there's got to be more I can do. Less power!

@dosgameclub I just discovered your podcast and I’m working through your newest episode on . I’m really enjoying it! 👍 So much so that I had to pull down Jazz and play it on my Miyoo. It’s fun to play having learned all the quirks of the game from your podcast. I’m looking forward to listening to your episodes on , , and . Probably my 3 favourite DOS games of all time!

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Remember to share positive posts, memes, etc. about open source things you use and like. A simple “I like this” or “thanks for working on this” can go a long way!

Happy people carry on using things quietly while negativity gets shared, memed, and shoved in front of folks who work on your favorite projects. One negative comment too often outweighs ten positive ones, because human brains are dumb.

Spread positivity, save someone from burnout.

#OpenSource #GNOME #Linux #FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware

U-Boot on an Nvidia Tegra?!? This is definitely relevant to my interests. I'll break out my Nexus 7 (2012) and give it a go. Documentation may not be for the layman, but I'll report back should I have any success. postmarketos.org/blog/2024/01/

@linmob I noticed on YouTube that you had a Samsung Galaxy S II about 12 years ago. Did you ever try Replicant on it? I don't have a phone that can run Replicant, but I'm curious to know how it runs. replicant.us/

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How I started using the PinePhone Pro after giving up on it + FOSDEM 2024 preview tilvids.com/videos/watch/712c5

Does anyone in the fediverse actually own a Liberty 🗽 phone? I’m curious… does the extra GB of RAM do much to improve the user experience? I’d love to get more RAM in my but that’s never going to happen so I want to hear from you! puri.sm/products/liberty-phone

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