@dos Your talk was the highlight of the dev room! I recommend everyone watch this. It was great to meet you at . See you in the forums!

@spacemanspiffy I'm a huge fan, I especially love "Highway to hell" 🔥

@dos Great talk, and above all impressive work getting to the bottom of that issue!

Thanks for mentioning my contribution regarding reproducing it (at about 15 minutes into the talk). It was this source.puri.sm/Librem5/linux/- and this source.puri.sm/Librem5/linux/-

Lots and lots of testing and recompiling kernels with different extra debug printouts behind that. 😅

@spacemanspiffy @williamtries

@dos Thank you for this talk. I have been wondering about the modem issue on the L5 and this was very well presented and informative. I think this would have drove me nuts working on. Thanks for all of your efforts! Also I totally expected you to have a polish accent and not a french one. Anyway thanks again!

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