Soooo cute πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Shot with a Canon EOS R5 and edited with ART (fork of Rawtherapee) on Manjaro Linux.

I love Linux as a photographer! I lately calibrated my monitor again and it is so easy with in combination with a Datacolor Spyder 5.

But I was not able to make the calibration via color settings. It always gave me an error... Has anyone managed to do this?

@zwerg12 displaycal will produce superior results to the gnome color thing!

@paperdigits Yes that's true! I am really happy with the results. However, I wanted to try it directly in the gnome settings but this doesn't work for me. Have you ever tried this and did it work?

@zwerg12 first post I saw at Mastodon about #rawherapee. Thanks, please post more about it.

PS: are you a member of

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