Did you know that with the Librem 5 smartphone you can remove the back and have access to :

- the battery
- a removable OpenPGP smart card
- a removable cellular modem
- and a microSD card so you can expand your storage later on

More here:


i don’t want to perpetuate pgp, but smart cards are a great approach to embedding secure elements. gonna have to look into adding this to some of the upcoming tomo hardware designs.

@purism Thank goodness!! Maybe a SIM card, too, right? :)

@adam @purism Preposterous! What is this? Some kind of phone? ;)

@purism wish I could afford to get one. Or they are still on sale when I can afford one.

@an93lofdeath @purism on sale until end of July. But you can have a split payment.

@danielst @purism yeah, still can't afford it. Being a mature student and carer I will have to wait till I have a job after learning to code.

Wow, ein modulares Smartphone mit Schwerpunkt #Datenschutz , #FreieSoftware und #OpenHardware . Dank Modularität kann man es sogar einigermaßen reparieren und an eigene Bedürfnisse anpassen.
#privacy #opensource

Will the modem option allow us to switch out the modem for one with dual SIM support?

@purism But why is the firmware still poprietary? Doesn't that give me less control?

I think Fairphone covers all that already

@succfemboi @purism Which firmware do you refer to? AFAIK the only one is the modem because there's no alternative, but it is wired in a way that allows you to cut its power with the kill-switch. Or remove it altogether.

@Fairphone doesn't focus on hardware or software freedom, but on easy repairability (modularity), software upgrades (to fight planned obsolescence) and, more importantly, fair working conditions.

@RoboePi @Fairphone @purism

The WIFI and bluetooth firmwares on Purism phones are poprietary as well

@succfemboi @purism That's what one can understand from their words here? (I'm trying to get a source for it, to get all the details)

Ok, from what I understand, WiFi/BT firmware is proprietary (because there is none free available for mobile). But as far as I understand —since their goal is to accomplish FSF's RYF Endorsement—, they physically isolate the chip and interact with it solely through SDIO, so software drivers will be free, right? 🤔

@RoboePi yes the drivers are foss. I think I confused it with the devkit because I heard some developer wasn't interested because the wifi drivers were actually poprietary on there

@succfemboi Oh, great. I wouldn't have stood my Librem 5's WiFi/BT drivers to be proprietary.

Of course, radio freedom is still a pending subject in the whole electronic frontier. But I don't think we could improve the situation anything at all by holding @purism accountable for an impossible task right now (if you're not producing hardware components, that's it).

Thank you for your inputs and the nice talk, 😊

@succfemboi @purism @Fairphone They provide and support a Fairphone Open alternative OS (AOSP) to their default Fairphone OS (which is Google Android), and that alone is pretty nice, singular and, thus, honorable. This fact demonstrates that they want to care.
But it still includes quite a number of proprietary BLOBs, drivers and firmware because their focus is in solving other BIG problems in the consumer electronics industry: the dignity of human producers.

@purism :: Is the removable Openpgp smart card available when phone is launched?

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