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Just switching my terminal to and so far pretty happy with it. Nothing against but the main reason for switching is that i need it on both windows and linux, and there is just no good multiplexing and tiling on windows, which makes alacritty not that much of a joy.

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#Neovim in #Debian is finally updated past the 0.7.2 release (up to 0.9.4) 🎉

It's been a long time coming, and it's just in experimental for now.

The long pole, aside from ENOTIME, was introducing the #treesitter ecosystem to Debian. That took a bit longer than I was expecting, and I'm still not happy with how it looks. I've started poking around at debhelper tooling to simplify this, since the packaging is pretty repetitive for treesitter grammars.

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Tomorrow is the #neovim conf !

Emilie Ma's presentation tomorrow:

Plaintext Notes: Using Vim + FZF + RG to build a personal
notetaking system

#PKM #zettelkasten

is there a gui binary that includes everything in one file?
I need a portable solution for non technical people to just set-url, commit and push in just one folder. But I don't want them to install git and what not.
Is @gitoxide plus some egui hack a reasonable start?

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Any fellow architects out there?

If so, a question:

Can you do something like the following? That is, having unseparated uses nested within overall separated uses?
For this example assume unsprinklered Type VB and IBC 2015.

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The talk schedule for #neovimconflive is up on the website:

Pick your favorite talks and tune in to the stream on Dec 8 #neovim

Who would have thought, that I will have to work with and in 2023.
Well me certainly not, thats why I never really learned how it works. Any suggestions for a good quick tutorial ?

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Released nvim-dap 0.7.0

See for the full release notes

There's still lots of stuff to do before it will hit a 1.0.0, but getting closer.

@neovim #neovim

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phosh 0.33.0 is out 🚀📱:

Allows to toggle password visibility on/off in all modal dialogs, new
🔒-screen plugin to launch tasks, improved support for Indic languages ➕ UI and troubleshooting tab improvements in mobile settings.

Check out the full release notes at

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What shell do you use?

Drop a comment if you use anything else! I ran out of options 😅

Waren gerade im bei den . Immer wieder Ooh-Momente und eine Verzauberung in eine andere Welt. Schön dass es das noch gibt!

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Hi folks! Would you like to become better hackers?

I offer a #hacker #course for the first 3 lucky applicants.

Want to learn #Rust? #Linux? Or just have someone who knows where to find answers about the universe?

Now I'm ready to become your #mentor - if you support me :)

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I'm trying to make my own theme for Neovim, but I can't get this to work:

hi markdownUrlTitleDelimiter guisp=NONE guifg=#00ff11 guibg=#00ff11 ctermfg=237 ctermbg=160 gui=NONE cterm=NONE

(Don't mind the colour, it's just for testing.)

What's wrong?

#Vim #Neovim

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hello little guy! Thanks for calmly posing and letting me move my within just a few cm!

Releases new github competitor.
Hosts its own source on github.
Like: Shure if I present a new chocolate I'll have you some Lindt for desert 🤦.

@penpot I just tried to get my foot into penpot since i heard many good things. However i struggle because the burden to install it with docker is quite high for me (at work at least). Both elest and the desktop app require a account... why?

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Introducing the Librem 11 Tablet! The Librem 11 is a powerful tablet preloaded with PureOS running our Phosh user interface. Every order comes with a keyboard case, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and 1TB of storage. Order yours today!

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