@gnulinux super ja jetzt gehts, na dann will ich mal 😁

Hi, ich krieg nen:
At line 42, column 79: not well-formed (invalid token)
in antennapod. Weiss nicht obs an mir liegt 🤔

That must be a valuable package if you write a app for tracking it :-)

@danct12 @martijnbraam
How about: "This is beautiful in a horrible way" or was it the other way round 🤔

@calebccff @postmarketOS selfish me likes to see more progress one the oneplus6, since this is a device i own.
btw pmOS run smooth. How about camera? :-)

Thanks to the mesa update in , the glitches in -chess and probably others on the are gone.
Thanks and !!

There is this mountain again,
in another time,
from a different angle,
but as beautiful as ever.

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@purism … and on a side note: it's great that working with all those different upstreams (, , , , ,, , …) works so well so far so we can run together rather than against each other.

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Thanks to all our listeners who stuck with us for ten episodes already! 🥳

Besides the fancy #octoprint on #pinephone setup shown in the picture, this time on #postmarketOSpodcast:

* #swmo (you guessed it, #sxmo on wayland!)
* #waydroid
* #xfce4 / #mate
* msm-firmware-loader
* new postmarketos-mkinitfs / boot-deploy


@tobtobxx yes 🙈
We were passing from Tessin/Nufenen/Grimsel. Must have been around 18:00 when we entered the sad truth of fog on the Bern side again.

@tobtobxx In the last picture you can see me standing on the Grimselpass taking another photo with the pinephone.
They are all arround the place these days 😄

@Jojonintendo@mastodon.jdelcampo.eu @martijnbraam how likely is it that the camera is supported ever?

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Hey all! I’ve been working hard to get the #Podcast up and running. I think I’m FINALLY at a point where I’m ready to go.

The first episode is already live and ready for you. It’s a little old now, due to setup, but it’s definitely still relevant!

Did you know @awai (the founder of @mobian) plays Guitar, and has album called “Dirty Greed” up on band camp? Neither did I! The sound is hella tight. Links are in the video description and on the Podcast Homepage.

The Podcast #video is available here: https://media.kaitaia.life/w/2waGiHKoqD7Jmg3Nw3Vq81

The Podcast #Homepage is: https://pebkac.show

You can find the #RSS feeds for #MP3; #AAC; #OGG; #FLAC and #Opus are all listed clearly on the main page.

If you just want to skip all the hassle, you can grab the MP3 feed here: https://pebkac.show/web/feed/mp3/

A huge shoutout and thank you, goes out to @awai, for giving me some of his precious time for an interview. Also, @linmob for helping me decide on direction, and giving some sound advice along the way.

I’d really love to hear what you think, and let me know if there’s anything you think I could do to make it better!

Thanks so much!

PS. Please forgive the ping and hashtag stuffing! After this post, I’ll never do it again (unless someone wants me too 😉)

#mobian #linux #pinephone #pine64 #manjaroarm #mobile #foss #librem #librem5 #purism #archarm #ubports

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM @postmarketOS @debian @martijnbraam @craftyguy @bart @dylanvanassche @ollieparanoid @kop316 @purism @danctnix @ubports

Holy crap, you made it this far! Dayum, that was unexpected. Well, if you feel like it, boosts are really appreciated!

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Am I correct, that everything marked upstream will leave this list as soon as the mentioned upstream version hits bookworm?

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